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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st KOC Corin Reveck (EUW) 3071599
2nd PIays With Balls (NA) 3008621
3rd Cobwebb (EUW) 2647748
4th Metal Janna (NA) 2449150
5th BaII (OCE) 2379238
6th C0rin Reveck (TR) 2341179
7th Isomorphisme (EUW) 2282989
8th DreadXaeon (NA) 1976624
9th Beriah (OCE) 1913947
10th majestical moose (NA) 1808959
11th Dotpocket (NA) 1769258
12th happyheart (NA) 1766604
13th Jameslike (EUW) 1719845
14th Goryanna (NA) 1715348
15th iron hape (EUW) 1664747
16th Iamhere97 (EUNE) 1660572
17th KruzerZ (EUW) 1638504
18th Hąrrý (EUW) 1595955
19th SuperFlex (EUW) 1591034
20th OK boomer xdd (EUNE) 1570975
21st Ravandor (EUW) 1557566
22nd Flouby (EUW) 1519225
23rd SlugSnipest (NA) 1515861
24th luna rossa (NA) 1513229
25th DaDoctore (EUW) 1501721