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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 폭딜 브랜드 (KR) 4686668
2nd diversity2005 (OCE) 4121717
3rd Berezowski (EUW) 3339938
4th Ferkz (BR) 3206761
5th MoppelKotze (EUW) 2750928
6th magicmel (NA) 2653139
7th BigDaddyBrand (NA) 2648939
8th UmayCallmeV (KR) 2634230
9th Firé Storm Brând (TR) 2387702
10th Worst Brand Ever (EUW) 2334938
11th ZMCandrzej (EUNE) 2328529
12th theGueba (EUNE) 2268812
13th Craden (NA) 2249091
14th ALOSMA (LAN) 2190141
15th snakbox (NA) 2156551
16th Combustible (OCE) 2140834
17th Calabok (NA) 2066060
18th Your Father (OCE) 2013805
19th srfingers (LAN) 2008726
20th lehiboux (EUW) 1964228
21st Satanel22 (EUNE) 1957958
22nd Kaztel (NA) 1956538
23rd Deathfire (NA) 1951063
24th Molstar (LAN) 1874337
25th Kartarirya (LAN) 1838748