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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st plusmagic (KR) 6580954
2nd 불동이 (KR) 5841894
3rd diversity2005 (OCE) 4349035
4th Ferkz (BR) 4081589
5th Berezowski (EUW) 3908804
6th magicmel (NA) 3349489
7th MoppelKotze (EUW) 3229347
8th BigDaddyBrand (NA) 3172615
9th UmayCallmeV (KR) 3058959
10th 남자의브랜드 (KR) 2788008
11th Firé Storm Brând (TR) 2777388
12th 4666177del (KR) 2705509
13th 와꾸672 (KR) 2591951
14th snakbox (NA) 2581039
15th BW Grey (TR) 2556254
16th ALOSMA (LAN) 2552653
17th 불태워주지 (KR) 2552116
18th Lit Like Brand (EUW) 2530148
19th theGueba (EUNE) 2473711
20th Uruk Hai (EUNE) 2401152
21st Your Father (OCE) 2338065
22nd ZMCandrzej (EUNE) 2330812
23rd srfingers (LAN) 2288712
24th Craden (NA) 2249091
25th 브랜드만할꼬얌 (KR) 2232442