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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 폭딜 브랜드 (KR) 4686668
2nd diversity2005 (OCE) 4204558
3rd Berezowski (EUW) 3457472
4th Ferkz (BR) 3443549
5th MoppelKotze (EUW) 2858981
6th BigDaddyBrand (NA) 2766587
7th magicmel (NA) 2738637
8th UmayCallmeV (KR) 2737677
9th 4666177del (KR) 2705509
10th 남자의브랜드 (KR) 2572427
11th Firé Storm Brând (TR) 2532784
12th Worst Brand Ever (EUW) 2410331
13th ZMCandrzej (EUNE) 2328683
14th theGueba (EUNE) 2319468
15th snakbox (NA) 2274590
16th Craden (NA) 2249091
17th ALOSMA (LAN) 2226655
18th Combustible (OCE) 2142025
19th srfingers (LAN) 2094053
20th Calabok (NA) 2066060
21st Deathfire (NA) 2056804
22nd Your Father (OCE) 2028767
23rd Kaztel (NA) 2019184
24th lehiboux (EUW) 2012072
25th JOHNNYWANGTAO (NA) 2006387