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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 폭딜 브랜드 (KR) 4382940
2nd diversity2005 (OCE) 3909658
3rd Berezowski (EUW) 3128854
4th Ferkz (BR) 2868073
5th MoppelKotze (EUW) 2543324
6th UmayCallmeV (KR) 2495893
7th magicmel (NA) 2409703
8th BigDaddyBrand (NA) 2398625
9th ZMCandrzej (EUNE) 2303259
10th Firé Storm Brând (TR) 2282038
11th Craden (NA) 2247682
12th theGueba (EUNE) 2171394
13th Combustible (OCE) 2129100
14th Zombies Dont Die (EUW) 2122686
15th snakbox (NA) 2112567
16th Calabok (NA) 2066060
17th ALOSMA (LAN) 1999410
18th Your Father (OCE) 1962467
19th Kaztel (NA) 1877128
20th Pyro Master (NA) 1852898
21st srfingers (LAN) 1847477
22nd Kartarirya (LAN) 1820916
23rd Molstar (LAN) 1754249
24th 장마적 (KR) 1742563
25th ILuis (BR) 1732509