Lee Sin

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st iAM Mercy Mars (NA) 3980561
2nd wocane (NA) 3973479
3rd Q Q Kick F (TR) 3827635
4th ladydeathstrike1 (OCE) 3622070
5th Nęrô (EUW) 3501375
6th Master Your Mind (EUNE) 3430217
7th Äzoh (EUW) 3231184
8th Cellybeary (OCE) 3198577
9th HolyMolyLee (EUW) 3111604
10th 8도비빌년 (KR) 3053758
11th LeeFlix (TR) 2990391
12th rtbf40729778 (EUW) 2986053
13th Dat Lee (EUNE) 2985201
14th BladeSteal (BR) 2976053
15th ぎがのってぃ (JP) 2942414
16th Trovinel (EUNE) 2933521
17th Son of a kick (EUW) 2922456
18th Unbelievable Lee (NA) 2862592
19th 2D Senpai (NA) 2824378
20th Phil Brooks (LAS) 2763762
21st Hopaholly (NA) 2760842
22nd Inzafken (LAN) 2742769
23rd DENISS008 (EUW) 2704248
24th Yondaimê (TR) 2652812
25th Boosti (LAS) 2622518