Lee Sin

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st iAM Mercy Mars (NA) 3957553
2nd Q Q Kick F (TR) 3771608
3rd wocane (NA) 3161935
4th No Eyes Required (EUNE) 3056190
5th Cellybeary (OCE) 3043197
6th Blade Steal (BR) 2823448
7th Phil Brooks (LAS) 2752747
8th Akamasoa (EUW) 2743302
9th MUAY THAİ PANDA (TR) 2634571
10th Stoned Clean Sin (EUW) 2616892
11th For the Cröwn (NA) 2602011
12th Nęrô (EUW) 2571736
13th Bübba Küsh (EUW) 2491264
14th Dat Lee (EUNE) 2487294
15th COZI COSSACK V2 (EUNE) 2486175
16th Hopaholly (NA) 2466330
17th ladydeathstrike1 (OCE) 2451049
18th Rølex (EUNE) 2446590
19th RalphEX (BR) 2400638
20th やめてよね (JP) 2392719
21st Boosti (LAS) 2388972
22nd Trovinel (EUNE) 2381740
23rd D Block (EUNE) 2330444
24th ll ss (NA) 2322745
25th cherche travail (EUW) 2282809