Lee Sin

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st iAM Mercy Mars (NA) 3957553
2nd Q Q Kick F (TR) 3791960
3rd wocane (NA) 3380344
4th Cant Q Im Blind (EUNE) 3160712
5th Cellybeary (OCE) 3082044
6th ladydeathstrike1 (OCE) 2904679
7th Blade Steal (BR) 2830571
8th Akamasoa (EUW) 2797571
9th Phil Brooks (LAS) 2761993
10th MUAY THAİ PANDA (TR) 2721025
11th NoGamesLeeSin (EUW) 2699788
12th M5 Azoh (EUW) 2688086
13th Sad Leé Blind (NA) 2645733
14th Nęrô (EUW) 2580938
15th Dat Lee (EUNE) 2567522
16th 戦いたくないよ (JP) 2486645
17th COZI COSSACK V2 (EUNE) 2486175
18th Hopaholly (NA) 2466330
19th Trovinel (EUNE) 2456710
20th Rølex (EUNE) 2446590
21st Strange Jungle (NA) 2445131
22nd RalphEX (BR) 2444718
23rd Boosti (LAS) 2417005
24th Inzafken (LAN) 2398841
25th D Block (EUNE) 2353139