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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Sijtatrapjtemanj (EUW) 4295275
2nd Mirinda (EUNE) 3419330
3rd cola (EUW) 3338266
4th Bazooka Blade (NA) 3174816
5th The Equaližer (EUW) 2973115
6th La Chica Lolera (LAS) 2965585
7th Flex 탑신병자 (KR) 2642276
8th 모범직진 (KR) 2640394
9th Drainee (EUW) 2516752
10th 6블써 (KR) 2516714
11th BlameFull (EUW) 2509544
12th Arisec (NA) 2503695
13th mitämies (EUNE) 2487012
14th LoopkinFin (EUW) 2439657
15th MaYtReYu (EUW) 2376989
16th Addar The Boss (EUNE) 2331576
17th 멋쟁이펭귄팽팽이 (KR) 2328442
18th OGSippyCup (NA) 2324931
19th PropofoI (EUNE) 2289419
20th Audiophile (LAS) 2241394
21st Ourroboros (EUW) 2117376
22nd 하선호 (KR) 2113483
23rd xThundergod (NA) 2110462
24th Loboton (EUW) 2107191
25th Dugao (BR) 2050528