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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Sijtatrapjtemanj (EUW) 4308046
2nd Mirinda (EUNE) 3500105
3rd cola (EUW) 3338266
4th Bazooka Blade (NA) 3228641
5th 모범직진 (KR) 3076493
6th The Equaližer (EUW) 3047385
7th La Chica Lolera (LAS) 2970806
8th 팀을존중하는사람 (KR) 2927621
9th BlameFull (EUW) 2620803
10th 6블써 (KR) 2619433
11th OGSippyCup (NA) 2568494
12th Drainee (EUW) 2542896
13th Rumbleiroa (EUW) 2515419
14th Arisec (NA) 2507486
15th mitämies (EUNE) 2505736
16th 럼 블 나 라 (KR) 2468410
17th LoopkinFin (EUW) 2443712
18th PropofoI (EUNE) 2407064
19th Addar The Boss (EUNE) 2390590
20th Loboton (EUW) 2347634
21st 멋쟁이펭귄팽팽이 (KR) 2328442
22nd xThundergod (NA) 2317863
23rd Agente Cerbesa (LAN) 2258470
24th Audiophile (LAS) 2255363
25th Ourroboros (EUW) 2155132