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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Sijtatrapjtemanj (EUW) 3702274
2nd cola (EUW) 3318353
3rd BlackMonjè (LAS) 2963184
4th Mirinda (EUNE) 2778663
5th mitämies (EUNE) 2431418
6th Bazooka Blade (NA) 2370966
7th Drainee (EUW) 2318620
8th The Equaližer (EUW) 2312085
9th LoopkinFin (EUW) 2265465
10th 2inchesoflove (NA) 2143240
11th Dugao (BR) 2050528
12th Addar89 (EUNE) 1983273
13th BlameFull (EUW) 1936105
14th Ribbon InThe Sky (LAS) 1935020
15th 하선호 (KR) 1934674
16th MistarT (EUW) 1912373
17th LoopkinFin (EUNE) 1902659
18th Shakhaza (NA) 1776717
19th Freezzeasy (EUW) 1765263
20th MaYtReYu (EUW) 1749311
21st Tsugi (EUNE) 1726422
22nd xThundergod (NA) 1663960
23rd Tits or Crits (NA) 1656710
24th RUMBLE B0T (NA) 1642680
25th Loboton (EUW) 1586044