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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st paularas25 (EUNE) 5047172
2nd 청주 도깨비 PC방 (KR) 3669540
3rd 2397437del (KR) 3295598
4th typentica (EUW) 3040095
5th sotya alter (JP) 2878715
6th iAndreiGod (BR) 2780264
7th Iksan si (OCE) 2715086
8th PcSlave (EUNE) 2666837
9th Symphony X (EUW) 2480600
10th Ze das Candongas (BR) 2409965
11th MV syNNNNN (EUW) 2308072
12th The Queen Viper (EUW) 2252531
13th 카 챌 (KR) 2250245
14th GQninja (NA) 2112878
15th Die of ebolã (EUNE) 2084127
16th Nantredan (NA) 1982519
17th Yønkilata33cL (EUW) 1847635
18th Poison Viper (BR) 1826355
19th Snake Göd (EUNE) 1817869
20th 훈이너뿐야 (KR) 1816427
21st enalPnOekanS (NA) 1708689
22nd HAPPY metalPKING (NA) 1689200
23rd 앨리스 리들 (KR) 1655744
24th Yuseop (EUW) 1631894
25th MatthewsLeageAcc (NA) 1589711