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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st paularas25 (EUNE) 5497926
2nd 술 샷 (KR) 4232679
3rd PcSlave (EUNE) 3379429
4th 2397437del (KR) 3295598
5th typentica (EUW) 3054898
6th Iksan si (OCE) 2970086
7th sotya alter (JP) 2949332
8th iAndreiGod (BR) 2793604
9th Symphony X (EUW) 2630998
10th Ze das Candongas (BR) 2625144
11th MV syNNNNN (EUW) 2417232
12th The Queen Viper (EUW) 2391948
13th 카 챌 (KR) 2351759
14th GiveMeMarlboroXD (EUNE) 2136827
15th GQninja (NA) 2121305
16th snake on drugs (EUW) 2101372
17th Poison Viper (BR) 2050657
18th Nantredan (NA) 2019060
19th Thorstein666 (EUW) 1937917
20th Viperina (EUW) 1936048
21st 66 Striker (EUW) 1883737
22nd Yønkilata33cL (EUW) 1847635
23rd by General idea (KR) 1843904
24th Snake Göd (EUNE) 1817869
25th 훈이너뿐야 (KR) 1816642