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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st paularas25 (EUNE) 4257536
2nd 2397437del (KR) 3295598
3rd 술 샷 (KR) 3116064
4th SnakeWithoutMana (EUW) 2866317
5th SoTyA (JP) 2540583
6th Iksan si (OCE) 2346153
7th 카 챌 (KR) 2181755
8th iAndreiGod (BR) 2175636
9th zezeneufneuf (EUW) 2156725
10th The Queen Viper (EUW) 2144997
11th MV syNNNNN (EUW) 2058856
12th GQninja (NA) 2015953
13th PcSlave (EUNE) 1967871
14th Ze das Candongas (BR) 1935263
15th Yønkilata33cL (EUW) 1847635
16th Snake Göd (EUNE) 1817869
17th Poison in veins (EUNE) 1817076
18th Nantredan (NA) 1770381
19th 훈이너뿐야 (KR) 1740264
20th Poison Viper (BR) 1592661
21st Snake God euw (TR) 1572809
22nd ICY Blastoise (NA) 1559593
23rd Yuseop (EUW) 1558034
24th Unity Reysher (LAN) 1528979
25th Follow Me (NA) 1526680