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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st paularas25 (EUNE) 4484784
2nd 2397437del (KR) 3295598
3rd 술 샷 (KR) 3240253
4th OutOffMana (EUW) 2923220
5th SoTyA (JP) 2623476
6th Iksan si (OCE) 2382229
7th PcSlave (EUNE) 2211410
8th 카 챌 (KR) 2197433
9th iAndreiGod (BR) 2194289
10th zezeneufneuf (EUW) 2183982
11th The Queen Viper (EUW) 2151414
12th Ze das Candongas (BR) 2116993
13th GQninja (NA) 2112567
14th MV syNNNNN (EUW) 2077854
15th King of snakes (EUNE) 1897714
16th Yønkilata33cL (EUW) 1847635
17th Nantredan (NA) 1825391
18th Snake Göd (EUNE) 1817869
19th 훈이너뿐야 (KR) 1747358
20th enalPnOekanS (NA) 1707460
21st Poison Viper (BR) 1667601
22nd Snake God euw (TR) 1572809
23rd ICY Blastoise (NA) 1561734
24th Yuseop (EUW) 1560527
25th Ðicey (NA) 1546966