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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st LeBlanc Prince (NA) 2191486
2nd Re Teemo Estate (NA) 1973388
3rd PentaJuke (NA) 1905867
4th KRAHON (EUW) 1844978
5th TOSUN PASA (TR) 1800295
6th SaŁty (EUNE) 1729252
7th 25 Winrate Janna (NA) 1721873
8th Kol Mikaelsonn (EUW) 1644763
9th wewso (EUNE) 1644683
10th Neart (LAS) 1364135
11th Tryder (EUNE) 1355533
12th LeBalance (EUNE) 1330380
13th TainaBlanc (BR) 1296349
14th The Blighted Ra (EUW) 1269847
15th Chaining Tatum (EUW) 1209620
16th Lukyan666 (EUNE) 1198303
17th iKoreuhUWoose (NA) 1190830
18th CookiesforSanta (NA) 1189973
19th petko221 (EUNE) 1176969
20th SkyperBr2012 (BR) 1173142
21st The Pale Woman (NA) 1147366
22nd New York Times (NA) 1142854
23rd Boss XedaH (EUW) 1108711
24th crazyegg5 (NA) 1089109
25th Neopolitan45 (NA) 1037794