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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Catapumbalmblam (EUW) 3004504
2nd Oadie (NA) 2328575
3rd SkarnerOnly (EUW) 2275627
4th IRONCHAMP (EUW) 2179541
5th zerea (NA) 2001429
6th Beitoka (NA) 1701999
7th SkarnerfChief (EUW) 1656169
8th Hiding My Demons (EUNE) 1627324
9th Abo Al3omari (EUNE) 1594590
10th Seventrin (EUNE) 1582932
11th Bieldomaul (BR) 1550713
12th tamsuKi (NA) 1525243
13th Kizo Pwnz (EUNE) 1495067
14th Darth Invadér (EUW) 1438983
15th Aellyrion (EUW) 1389045
16th Equinox Fox (NA) 1349942
17th Dodoptica22 (EUNE) 1346195
18th taanii (EUW) 1333318
19th Last Skarner (EUNE) 1324062
20th best Skarner (EUNE) 1322507
21st FlashOver0811 (EUW) 1322370
22nd kal3vipo3g (NA) 1314568
23rd MoHandyManny (NA) 1298402
24th LuhaDaEmpoli (EUW) 1273377
25th MrStingYourGirl (NA) 1243818