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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Catapumbalmblam (EUW) 3429929
2nd Oadie (NA) 2585944
3rd JUGGER01 (EUW) 2435366
4th 0 0ff M3t4 (BR) 2396449
5th SkarnerOnly (EUW) 2275627
6th zerea (NA) 2207905
7th Beitoka (NA) 1870364
8th I Hate Love You (EUNE) 1837520
9th jxggr (BR) 1804069
10th Abo Al3omari (EUNE) 1706530
11th SkarnerfChief (EUW) 1656169
12th Darth Invadér (EUW) 1615955
13th Kizo Pwnz (EUNE) 1588776
14th Seventrin (EUNE) 1582932
15th ZPČENÁ HRA (EUNE) 1567193
16th MrStingYourGirl (NA) 1553252
17th tamsuKi (NA) 1542750
18th Aellyrion (EUW) 1530517
19th Equinox Fox (NA) 1518247
20th Dodoptica22 (EUNE) 1516836
21st BVFA James (EUW) 1496045
22nd FlashOver0811 (EUW) 1485945
23rd kal3vipo3g (NA) 1425064
24th Sunt un GRAS (EUNE) 1385173
25th MoHandyManny (NA) 1379731