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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GeT CoN TRollED (EUW) 8804040
2nd TestTickle (NA) 6387061
3rd 트리시아별 (KR) 5380578
4th XXXElinaXXX (EUNE) 5253832
5th Marv3lman (OCE) 4681737
6th Heìmerdìnger (EUW) 4482228
7th BigBadBandit (NA) 4454508
8th El Cobarde (LAN) 4334721
9th King of Czech (EUNE) 4311202
10th Loric98 (NA) 4265467
11th General ROI (EUNE) 4112789
12th tonpole (NA) 3905121
13th Rezone (EUW) 3721643
14th LolGunSlinger (NA) 3698738
15th ゆっくり動く的 (JP) 3563432
16th 七転八起 (JP) 3520350
17th Raystlin82 (EUW) 3460612
18th cowboydamontanha (BR) 3326955
19th Divilus (EUNE) 3312647
20th Rakatakataque (EUW) 3150333
21st X DONGER X (EUW) 3110809
22nd 앙딩거띠 (KR) 3083179
23rd 공딩거 (KR) 3067838
24th Reformed George (EUW) 3049486
25th WaRLaX (NA) 3044234