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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GeT CoN TRollED (EUW) 7125274
2nd TestTickle (NA) 5612456
3rd 트리시아별 (KR) 5050170
4th XXXElinaXXX (EUNE) 4680514
5th El Cobarde (LAN) 4334721
6th Marv3lman (OCE) 4085532
7th Heìmerdìnger (EUW) 4072028
8th Bigbadbandit (NA) 3972256
9th Czechdinger (EUNE) 3789607
10th General ROI (EUNE) 3513365
11th Loric98 (NA) 3358058
12th tonpole (NA) 3339827
13th LolGunSlinger (NA) 3217330
14th ゆっくり動く的 (JP) 3108178
15th Reformed George (EUW) 3049486
16th X DONGER X (EUW) 2922724
17th Raystlin82 (EUW) 2898452
18th 앙딩거띠 (KR) 2845655
19th Nasterys (BR) 2812349
20th 공딩거 (KR) 2787415
21st Rakatakataque (EUW) 2779194
22nd Rezone (EUW) 2774807
23rd ly7412 (EUW) 2773258
24th Divilus (EUNE) 2655635
25th HaarigerDöner (EUW) 2638249