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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GeT CoN TRollED (EUW) 11135314
2nd TestTickle (NA) 7565677
3rd XXXElinaXXX (EUNE) 6472294
4th El Cobarde (LAN) 6112016
5th 14010156del (KR) 5699853
6th Marv3lman (OCE) 5379757
7th spamplus (KR) 4869426
8th General ROI (EUNE) 4856754
9th Loric98 (NA) 4824419
10th 팀운 진짜 에휴 (KR) 4776952
11th BigBadBandit (NA) 4759378
12th King of Czech (EUNE) 4738145
13th Divilus (EUNE) 4690251
14th 七転八起 (JP) 4629882
15th Rezone (EUW) 4626438
16th 딩부지 (KR) 4549499
17th Heìmerdìnger (EUW) 4482228
18th BlueDreamShrimp (NA) 4302970
19th tonpole (NA) 4276652
20th 공딩거 (KR) 4160909
21st ゆっくり動く的 (JP) 4127577
22nd whalswns (KR) 4026758
23rd cowboydamontanha (BR) 3952930
24th Iciu2 (EUNE) 3893284
25th 아우라지 (KR) 3862271