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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GeT CoN TRollED (EUW) 10485446
2nd TestTickle (NA) 7306900
3rd XXXElinaXXX (EUNE) 6219743
4th El Cobarde (LAN) 5782772
5th 14010156del (KR) 5699853
6th Marv3lman (OCE) 5152705
7th spamplus (KR) 4837380
8th Loric98 (NA) 4797764
9th BigBadBandit (NA) 4730200
10th General ROI (EUNE) 4715474
11th King of Czech (EUNE) 4693080
12th 하이머 띠용 (KR) 4579273
13th 딩부지 (KR) 4491965
14th Heìmerdìnger (EUW) 4482228
15th Divilus (EUNE) 4418529
16th Rezone (EUW) 4398530
17th 七転八起勇往邁進 (JP) 4301697
18th tonpole (NA) 4149705
19th gunslingerlol (NA) 4045182
20th ゆっくり動く的 (JP) 3974376
21st 공딩거 (KR) 3973055
22nd cowboydamontanha (BR) 3822807
23rd Raystlin82 (EUW) 3783449
24th whalswns (KR) 3767177
25th WaRLaX (NA) 3617703