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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st DaBest Nid NA (NA) 3142021
2nd Tîger (EUW) 3108087
3rd 갓달리 (KR) 2721937
4th habrid (EUW) 2307953
5th Threza (NA) 2249449
6th Eshyn (NA) 2161532
7th Dark King Shea (NA) 2092510
8th WhiteSlim (EUW) 1921110
9th Eera (EUW) 1874016
10th Ehécatl (LAN) 1822647
11th НEISENBЕRG (RU) 1804980
12th King Nidalee (KR) 1747194
13th ichigo mugetsu w (TR) 1723771
14th halfrocan (NA) 1649295
15th Onedou (EUW) 1643001
16th megawar ru (RU) 1630719
17th Whenever (EUNE) 1569095
18th Kiss My Spear (EUW) 1550334
19th roterzor (EUW) 1531487
20th VoidShell (EUW) 1508270
21st Nidalee or I afk (EUW) 1504941
22nd BloodKnight6 (NA) 1497419
23rd Nidalee Böt (EUW) 1493759
24th LANSD jiggaboo (NA) 1489703
25th PurrfectLeopard (NA) 1487509