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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Tîger (EUW) 3759133
2nd DaBest Nid NA (NA) 3712645
3rd Eshyn (NA) 3456546
4th Threza (NA) 2903991
5th habrid (EUW) 2835409
6th 갓달리 (KR) 2809388
7th Primal Surge (KR) 2744761
8th Dark King Shea (NA) 2736611
9th nelvek (NA) 2363513
10th JonaMBan1 (EUW) 2338730
11th НEISENBЕRG (RU) 2254008
12th ichigo mugetsu w (TR) 2196687
13th B57dzzTFSA563hu7 (EUW) 2124700
14th WhiteAlwaysCarry (EUW) 2114541
15th Ehécatl (LAN) 2101034
16th Onedou (EUW) 2017924
17th MaMaDeW (EUW) 1994804
18th PurrfectLeopard (NA) 1955953
19th Spearcat (EUW) 1946647
20th AI SaSnidalee (EUW) 1933744
21st halfrocan (NA) 1921687
22nd Soap (EUNE) 1890435
23rd BloodKnight6 (NA) 1857427
24th Kitty Spearcat (EUW) 1855638
25th R NidNek (JP) 1845619