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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st DaBest Nid NA (NA) 3835037
2nd Tîger (EUW) 3824861
3rd Eshyn (NA) 3735523
4th Threza (NA) 3015366
5th Primal Surge (KR) 2939634
6th habrid (EUW) 2914824
7th 갓달리 (KR) 2842865
8th Dark King Shea (NA) 2736611
9th nelvek (NA) 2615371
10th JonaMBan1 (EUW) 2338730
11th НEISENBЕRG (RU) 2286018
12th ichigo mugetsu w (TR) 2269885
13th MaMaDeW (EUW) 2181864
14th WhiteAlwaysCarry (EUW) 2170586
15th B57dzzTFSA563hu7 (EUW) 2145448
16th Onedou (EUW) 2128600
17th Ehécatl (LAN) 2108356
18th PurrfectLeopard (NA) 2049488
19th AI SaSnidalee (EUW) 2040987
20th 깅지니 (KR) 2039019
21st Spearcat (EUW) 2013295
22nd BloodKnight6 (NA) 1996244
23rd halfrocan (NA) 1926009
24th Soap (EUNE) 1895927
25th Kitty Spearcat (EUW) 1888417