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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Heedlessone (NA) 2609480
2nd Branix (EUW) 2590684
3rd 9L1U1C191F1E1R9 (NA) 2544754
4th ElonMusk is here (LAS) 2418891
5th Um jungler ai (BR) 2321301
6th SilverRained (RU) 2302513
7th Verrückter Hund (EUW) 2204268
8th Raphangelo (NA) 2154833
9th viogil (EUW) 2150472
10th xXSpiritWalkerXx (EUW) 2121996
11th AbsorberCiemnosc (EUW) 1970202
12th Aztral (NA) 1952891
13th Vangaro (NA) 1951366
14th Laz1973 (NA) 1924728
15th Nayg FURY (EUW) 1914371
16th Cleomax GT (BR) 1878907
17th MauroModo diablo (LAS) 1858646
18th dangster69 (NA) 1852047
19th Substrate (NA) 1790537
20th TheEUTrick2g (EUW) 1747798
21st Havoc Dream (NA) 1733373
22nd Ûdyr (LAS) 1691712
23rd vampire2706 (EUW) 1687282
24th The Lane Police (EUNE) 1685154
25th MetaSolaray (NA) 1637514