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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SilverRained (RU) 3092950
2nd Heedlessone (NA) 2871397
3rd Branix (EUW) 2741215
4th H4NSZIMM3R (LAS) 2665594
5th 9L1U1C191F1E1R9 (NA) 2663832
6th viogil (EUW) 2406851
7th Um jungler ai (BR) 2334959
8th Raphangelo (NA) 2312459
9th Laz1973 (NA) 2265076
10th Verr├╝ckter Hund (EUW) 2254787
11th xXSpiritWalkerXx (EUW) 2227129
12th AbsorberCiemnosc (EUW) 2203999
13th MetaSolaray (NA) 2188952
14th Nayg FURY (EUW) 2125037
15th Aztral (NA) 2088942
16th vampire2706 (EUW) 2032942
17th Substrate (NA) 2006917
18th dangster69 (NA) 1985757
19th Muerte negra (LAS) 1955119
20th Vangaro (NA) 1951366
21st KING EMINEM (EUW) 1928488
22nd RevanToad (NA) 1909548
23rd Cleomax GT (BR) 1905266
24th Havoc Dream (NA) 1840614
25th The Lane Police (EUNE) 1827853