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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SilverRained (RU) 3136978
2nd Heedlessone (NA) 2951650
3rd Branix (EUW) 2837859
4th H4NSZIMM3R (LAS) 2750914
5th 9L1U1C191F1E1R9 (NA) 2729987
6th 펜테실레이아 (KR) 2719705
7th viogil (EUW) 2542434
8th Laz1973 (NA) 2424685
9th Um jungler ai (BR) 2352899
10th Raphangelo (NA) 2312459
11th MetaSolaray (NA) 2292510
12th Verrückter Hund (EUW) 2267903
13th xXSpiritWalkerXx (EUW) 2234445
14th AbsorberCiemnosc (EUW) 2223104
15th Nayg FURY (EUW) 2193397
16th Aztral (NA) 2135343
17th Substrate (NA) 2102518
18th RevanToad (NA) 2051135
19th vampire2706 (EUW) 2032942
20th dangster69 (NA) 2007034
21st Muerte negra (LAS) 1959079
22nd KING EMINEM (EUW) 1957584
23rd Vangaro (NA) 1951366
24th Cleomax GT (BR) 1922249
25th The Lane Police (EUNE) 1857882