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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SilverRained (RU) 3756752
2nd 펜테실레이아 (KR) 3273395
3rd 대장우디르 (KR) 3183344
4th 4V4D4 K3D4VR4 (LAS) 3138505
5th Heedlessone (NA) 3116809
6th Branix (EUW) 2982448
7th 9L1U1C191F1E1R9 (NA) 2907029
8th 우등생똘똘이 (KR) 2904037
9th MetaSolaray (NA) 2873650
10th Laz1973 (NA) 2848910
11th viogil (EUW) 2789723
12th Aztral (NA) 2548109
13th jhakattacku (NA) 2533801
14th Sphönix (EUW) 2426338
15th Um jungler ai (BR) 2405883
16th dangster69 (NA) 2375786
17th 3rd Strike (EUW) 2371132
18th Substrate (NA) 2331175
19th Raphangelo (NA) 2312459
20th Nayg FURY (EUW) 2298613
21st AbsorberCiemnosc (EUW) 2294734
22nd NA UDYR (BR) 2195538
23rd Vangaro (NA) 2169878
24th RevanToad (NA) 2137528
25th vampire2706 (EUW) 2116079