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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Chibi Miku (NA) 3326301
2nd Shieldy (NA) 3148937
3rd MestrePokemonTCG (BR) 3038055
4th 바른3 (KR) 2912422
5th RuínPríncess (EUW) 2876025
6th High Hope Poppy (EUNE) 2789196
7th Khaos Control (NA) 2766164
8th Seed Muffins (NA) 2648949
9th Proppy (NA) 2600247
10th PoppyTheWerewolf (EUW) 2348408
11th Poppy Marley (BR) 2341057
12th Fear My Hammer (EUNE) 2246637
13th ChiLOL (LAN) 2209050
14th Neo the hero (EUW) 2104455
15th 1nO 5th Tribe (EUW) 2065102
16th Blueyepez69 (NA) 2041799
17th Popplistics (NA) 2014145
18th experimentoxin (NA) 1988867
19th Elaski (KR) 1974010
20th JunSyzygy (NA) 1972160
21st Aina Poppy (NA) 1964902
22nd Lord Parzival (BR) 1940231
23rd tomzi1 (EUNE) 1897583
24th Müptezel Poppy (TR) 1882664
25th Shell (NA) 1879989