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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st JangGi4989 (KR) 4263919
2nd Chibi Miku (NA) 4021634
3rd Khaos Control (NA) 3622568
4th Commander Poppy (EUNE) 3552845
5th Shieldy (NA) 3368380
6th Poppy Socialista (BR) 3351427
7th 43531227del (KR) 3246350
8th RuínPríncess (EUW) 3182926
9th Seed Muffins (NA) 3178770
10th 뽀삐쿵 (KR) 3134205
11th Proppy (NA) 2952895
12th Poppy Marley (BR) 2714700
13th experimentoxin (NA) 2646295
14th ChiLOL (LAN) 2604054
15th 욥바래 (KR) 2591963
16th CapnStnkerpants (NA) 2547582
17th Hammer Keeper (EUNE) 2504539
18th 1nO 5th Tribe (EUW) 2452900
19th Shell (NA) 2414536
20th Blueyepez69 (NA) 2393285
21st Neo the hero (EUW) 2385959
22nd PoppyTheWerewolf (EUW) 2348408
23rd Popp Smoke (NA) 2214360
24th ˉˉˉˉˉˉˆ (TR) 2199463
25th HG TeaPack (EUNE) 2187701