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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Chibi Miku (NA) 3753919
2nd Commander Poppy (EUNE) 3508173
3rd Khaos Control (NA) 3389953
4th Shieldy (NA) 3319442
5th Poppy Socialista (BR) 3318867
6th 43531227del (KR) 3246350
7th RuínPríncess (EUW) 3109477
8th Seed Muffins (NA) 2996548
9th Proppy (NA) 2866885
10th Poppy Marley (BR) 2643272
11th experimentoxin (NA) 2478006
12th ChiLOL (LAN) 2468922
13th Fear My Hammer (EUNE) 2454314
14th 1nO 5th Tribe (EUW) 2409145
15th Neo the hero (EUW) 2381352
16th PoppyTheWerewolf (EUW) 2348408
17th Blueyepez69 (NA) 2324893
18th Shell (NA) 2236490
19th 욥바래 (KR) 2196364
20th ˉˉˉˉˉˉˆ (TR) 2168359
21st Odyssey Poppy (NA) 2162080
22nd Elaski (KR) 2153392
23rd JunSyzygy (NA) 2085452
24th Aina Poppy (NA) 2079813
25th Bugsy (OCE) 2074754