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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GragAlbert (NA) 5998246
2nd Kaloh (EUW) 3556440
3rd i press r to win (EUW) 3130464
4th JALALM (EUW) 3050135
5th Apojii (NA) 2975656
6th OnlyGragasOnlyGG (EUNE) 2932159
7th Rexos000 (EUW) 2579119
8th 정글은 법칙 (KR) 2568659
9th 박술통 (KR) 2477721
10th irichan (NA) 2400488
11th GreatPlatano (NA) 2388512
12th Sevimsiz Pofuduk (TR) 2329006
13th Gragolandia (BR) 2275360
14th MaiUnaGioiaa (EUW) 2256430
15th Dat Gragas (EUW) 2206190
16th Megekko (EUW) 2183423
17th 테 르 (KR) 2167697
18th Ziggy Marley (TR) 2106397
19th Glorious Afro (EUW) 2063635
20th Lofat (NA) 2032383
21st Keptn99 (EUNE) 1989322
22nd FassWerfer (EUW) 1980883
23rd Conor McGrágas (EUW) 1969256
24th Syxxys (EUW) 1958979
25th Czaczomen (EUNE) 1954595