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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GragAlbert (NA) 4793910
2nd Kaloh (EUW) 2707460
3rd OnlyGragasOnlyGG (EUNE) 2585583
4th JALALM (EUW) 2483606
5th i press r to win (EUW) 2273220
6th 테 르 (KR) 2159682
7th Press E and Win (TR) 2090656
8th Apojii (NA) 2067632
9th appelmom (EUW) 1890158
10th LaneBreacker (EUW) 1803909
11th irichan (NA) 1764006
12th Megekko (EUW) 1724984
13th ElPuma21 (EUW) 1714094
14th GreatPlatano (NA) 1709408
15th Mad Grag (EUNE) 1703446
16th Czaczomen (EUNE) 1697011
17th Lofat (NA) 1618792
18th Chiicrab (EUW) 1578987
19th MaiUnaGioiaa (EUW) 1542495
20th Ayrton Senna (EUNE) 1524452
21st OsMiLDE (BR) 1416706
22nd BigBrownBare (NA) 1389604
23rd Artmatnzooo (BR) 1377721
24th Toyota Supra mk4 (EUNE) 1374048
25th Shoedini (NA) 1309701