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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Rabble Arouser (NA) 3408069
2nd Kaloh (EUW) 2417437
3rd OnlyGragasOnlyGG (EUNE) 2258059
4th illliillililil (KR) 2158676
5th RapidEyeSanchez (TR) 1942968
6th Apojii (NA) 1613178
7th i press r to win (EUW) 1577019
8th Czaczomen (EUNE) 1505442
9th GreatPlatano (NA) 1499589
10th appelmom (EUW) 1410812
11th Megekko (EUW) 1369908
12th BR Midlaner (EUNE) 1344918
13th Mad Grag (EUNE) 1339588
14th Lofat (NA) 1264061
15th OsMiLDE (BR) 1177632
16th 420 Gragas (EUNE) 1153967
17th do u copy over (EUNE) 1141914
18th destero98 (NA) 1136949
19th Gragaś (EUW) 1135314
20th Kitsunê (EUNE) 1120012
21st OneLâstBarrel (EUW) 1110568
22nd OH MY GULAYY (NA) 1088973
23rd Gràgas (NA) 1049373
24th SKT T1 Tipsy (EUW) 1027669
25th Merton (EUW) 1019763