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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GragAlbert (NA) 5881944
2nd Kaloh (EUW) 3198580
3rd i press r to win (EUW) 3021796
4th JALALM (EUW) 2948288
5th OnlyGragasOnlyGG (EUNE) 2923877
6th Apojii (NA) 2753087
7th Sevimsiz Pofuduk (TR) 2329006
8th Rexos000 (EUW) 2291804
9th irichan (NA) 2276630
10th GreatPlatano (NA) 2224445
11th 테 르 (KR) 2165791
12th 박술통 (KR) 2145215
13th I drink Chivas (TR) 2097757
14th MaiUnaGioiaa (EUW) 2083341
15th Megekko (EUW) 2060340
16th Lofat (NA) 2020932
17th Keptn99 (EUNE) 1989322
18th Syxxys (EUW) 1955719
19th FassWerfer (EUW) 1935533
20th Glorious Afro (EUW) 1933448
21st Conor McGrágas (EUW) 1927685
22nd OsMiLDE (BR) 1903435
23rd BigBrownBare (NA) 1901164
24th Czaczomen (EUNE) 1891602
25th Chiicrab (EUW) 1859792