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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st THC Joni (LAS) 3493334
2nd andy26 (BR) 2935516
3rd MrIpeeFreely (NA) 2681957
4th killchrisandkelv (NA) 2660291
5th 피의 웅덩이 (KR) 2512683
6th MeinVrad (BR) 2487848
7th Bot Principiante (LAN) 2396435
8th CrunchFrostFire (NA) 2380325
9th Virtual Dugu (EUW) 2373012
10th Last BloodBender (NA) 2356001
11th Tocsam (LAN) 2245209
12th Rayh Je Veux (TR) 2241311
13th Vladtastic (NA) 2237257
14th Damage Inc (EUW) 2110645
15th Sinister Max (NA) 2109690
16th Aruth el Hermoso (LAS) 2105419
17th InvladName (NA) 2014014
18th Engrim (LAS) 2002479
19th Lord Urss (LAN) 2002018
20th Asópo (EUW) 1986479
21st 블라디함 (KR) 1899402
22nd CafeConLeche84 (NA) 1891529
23rd AaronTech (NA) 1886175
24th Fenx (LAS) 1873202
25th Rock3tt (EUNE) 1857037