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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st THC Joni (LAS) 3957058
2nd andy26 (BR) 3098940
3rd 핏빛 계약 (KR) 2870189
4th MrIpeeFreely (NA) 2760184
5th p0ka (BR) 2748904
6th killchrisandkelv (NA) 2705465
7th Im a Lannister (TR) 2647418
8th CrunchFrostFire (NA) 2632592
9th Last BloodBender (NA) 2618452
10th Bot noob (LAN) 2616725
11th LP Hoarder (LAN) 2514711
12th Virtual Dugu (EUW) 2404168
13th Vladtastic (NA) 2381894
14th AaronTech (NA) 2294495
15th Napeople (NA) 2270873
16th Damage Inc (EUW) 2228676
17th Lord Urss (LAN) 2222715
18th Asópo (EUW) 2194635
19th Sinister Max (NA) 2166910
20th no hemo (NA) 2130219
21st Aruth el Hermoso (LAS) 2120209
22nd Ace 0f Spade (NA) 2094142
23rd Rock3tt (EUNE) 2049239
24th 외줄타는베인 (KR) 2035957
25th Fenx (LAS) 2004325