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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st THC Joni (LAS) 4385703
2nd andy26 (BR) 3171270
3rd 핏빛 계약 (KR) 3159438
4th Last BloodBender (NA) 3048908
5th Virtual Dugu (EUW) 2997950
6th MoBP100 (BR) 2966960
7th Tocsam (LAN) 2891583
8th O 1 (LAN) 2867048
9th killchrisandkelv (NA) 2849824
10th CrunchFrostFire (NA) 2810529
11th MrIpeeFreely (NA) 2804669
12th Sinister Max (NA) 2768888
13th Bir Lannister (TR) 2764783
14th l U R S S l (LAN) 2627702
15th Ace 0f Spade (NA) 2555779
16th Vladtastic (NA) 2442615
17th Asópo (EUW) 2442089
18th AaronTech (NA) 2392171
19th Aruth el Hermoso (LAS) 2350688
20th Rock3tt (EUNE) 2347536
21st Napeople (NA) 2270873
22nd Damage Inc (EUW) 2229391
23rd Lord Ðarkkael (LAN) 2227933
24th no hemo (NA) 2186979
25th Carry at the End (NA) 2114653