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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st MrPeenetrador (LAS) 2852975
2nd MrIpeeFreely (NA) 2629144
3rd andy26 (BR) 2618803
4th killchrisandkelv (NA) 2595321
5th Virtual Dugu (EUW) 2227298
6th p0ka (BR) 2167932
7th Bot Principiante (LAN) 2158808
8th CrunchFrostFire (NA) 2131741
9th Last BloodBender (NA) 2039158
10th Sinister Max (NA) 2022618
11th Damage Inc (EUW) 1967475
12th 블라디함 (KR) 1838798
13th Fenx (LAS) 1823540
14th Girişimci Memo (TR) 1818805
15th Vladtastic (NA) 1816268
16th InvladName (NA) 1804370
17th CafeConLeche84 (NA) 1802322
18th Aruth el Hermoso (LAS) 1756146
19th Engrim (LAS) 1699496
20th URZASGX (LAN) 1607626
21st Lord Urss (LAN) 1584350
22nd Tocsam (LAN) 1556337
23rd szarum (EUNE) 1553520
24th The Pr0taku (NA) 1514908
25th Klazius (NA) 1511069