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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st The Last Spear (NA) 4853204
2nd Obscur AmoN (EUW) 4071355
3rd Merlins Druid (NA) 3983264
4th 갓테온 (KR) 3519669
5th Tremis (EUW) 3329063
6th LaInspiracion (LAN) 3302213
7th Transspike (NA) 3282727
8th Rufus Lee (BR) 3160132
9th Dituruz (BR) 3122026
10th gorduin99 (EUNE) 3056900
11th 판테버스 (KR) 2967226
12th FackPantheonNerf (EUW) 2942021
13th Panth3on (EUNE) 2931214
14th 빵아재 (KR) 2879460
15th Roycenar (EUNE) 2733651
16th only pantheon1 (NA) 2652561
17th かみたまc (JP) 2607286
18th cl2aze (NA) 2596532
19th 아몰랑이거할래 (KR) 2595211
20th Sun of Icarus (NA) 2575645
21st Fubikka (BR) 2565347
22nd 판 친 (KR) 2546290
23rd ARIES CLOUD (NA) 2498068
24th Gordalf (EUW) 2479283
25th 상상의하늘 (KR) 2414666