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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st The Last Spear (NA) 4510096
2nd Merlins Druid (NA) 3192187
3rd FackPantheonNerf (EUW) 2942021
4th Dark Larsach (EUW) 2868749
5th Tremis (EUW) 2724721
6th Rufus Lee (BR) 2612215
7th Panth3on (EUNE) 2581135
8th 빵아재 (KR) 2530741
9th 판 친 (KR) 2517093
10th Transspike (NA) 2447769
11th Roycenar (EUNE) 2432862
12th 갓테온 (KR) 2422079
13th Qing Hua Ai Ni (KR) 2388477
14th 판테버스 (KR) 2380594
15th 상상의하늘 (KR) 2336671
16th かみたまc (JP) 2314461
17th only pantheon1 (NA) 2273494
18th FatpackTV (EUW) 2197691
19th ARIES CLOUD (NA) 2177691
20th Rajni Khan (EUW) 2165860
21st Hello Aran (NA) 2147161
22nd Grozdanic (NA) 2112444
23rd TsampirakoS (EUNE) 2096802
24th Monkey D Panth (EUW) 2064407
25th 0 CENOBITE 0 (NA) 2049413