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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st The Last Spear (NA) 4631590
2nd Merlins Druid (NA) 3313346
3rd Dark Larsach (EUW) 3086943
4th Tremis (EUW) 2989594
5th FackPantheonNerf (EUW) 2942021
6th Rufus Lee (BR) 2744932
7th gorduin99 (EUNE) 2716140
8th 갓테온 (KR) 2676323
9th Transspike (NA) 2614310
10th Panth3on (EUNE) 2581135
11th 빵아재 (KR) 2552643
12th Roycenar (EUNE) 2527130
13th 판 친 (KR) 2517093
14th 판테버스 (KR) 2501417
15th Fubikka (BR) 2460365
16th only pantheon1 (NA) 2427535
17th Qing Hua Ai Ni (KR) 2398094
18th かみたまc (JP) 2382851
19th 상상의하늘 (KR) 2347215
20th ARIES CLOUD (NA) 2262712
21st Gordalf (EUW) 2217063
22nd Vice Captain (EUW) 2216624
23rd FatpackTV (EUW) 2215070
24th Rajni Khan (EUW) 2170944
25th Hello Aran (NA) 2147161