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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st NoobMaster (LAS) 4026910
2nd Neodammerung (EUW) 3455377
3rd Ezreal carry (EUNE) 3247674
4th Rave (KR) 3008158
5th The Mighty Shin (NA) 2663934
6th im a fkn idiot (NA) 2577389
7th Sparkly Eyes (EUW) 2554716
8th Noc (LAN) 2420302
9th GregorTV (EUW) 2387525
10th Big Feed Ezreal (NA) 2077372
11th Korean Ezreal (NA) 2060440
12th NorthWolf (NA) 1997043
13th Kírei (TR) 1974808
14th Sorä (NA) 1958158
15th Peach Lipstick (EUNE) 1944898
16th BlackBattler (NA) 1885467
17th Ezrealíty (BR) 1884136
18th Ask 이카나비 (KR) 1883368
19th SimonPhoenix (EUNE) 1820855
20th c0dy5o4 (NA) 1816652
21st 팀탁해캐리할께 (KR) 1789583
22nd Feel Bad Inc (LAN) 1718841
23rd NalgaTrucha (NA) 1684896
24th soso74 (EUW) 1661122
25th theonedgo (NA) 1652507