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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st NoobMaster (LAS) 3991698
2nd 4523165497563215 (EUW) 3217436
3rd Rave (KR) 2483740
4th Sparkly Eyes (EUW) 2344762
5th The Mighty Shin (NA) 2289008
6th Ezreal carry (EUNE) 2195503
7th GregorTV (EUW) 2083107
8th Normal Emu (NA) 2080931
9th Captain America (LAN) 2074181
10th Peach Lipstick (EUNE) 1784755
11th NorthWolf (NA) 1752427
12th Korean Ezreal (NA) 1716677
13th 팀탁해캐리할께 (KR) 1704315
14th soso74 (EUW) 1660557
15th SimonPhoenix (EUNE) 1639578
16th Ezrealíty (BR) 1552590
17th itachi uchiha1 (TR) 1542351
18th c0dy5o4 (NA) 1534002
19th NalgaTrucha (NA) 1526803
20th Strauser (LAN) 1526500
21st theonedgo (NA) 1500790
22nd TPA Ezreal Mid (EUW) 1497677
23rd Cheeky Kasi (EUW) 1482610
24th Phallanxes (EUNE) 1471158
25th Emperor Mango (NA) 1465181