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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st NoobMaster (LAS) 2900009
2nd Hear Me God (EUW) 2164791
3rd NEVER CHAT LUL (EUW) 1909199
4th The Mighty Shin (NA) 1896434
5th Emötionless Emu (NA) 1690989
6th 팀탁해캐리할께 (KR) 1666094
7th Talented Bacon (EUNE) 1516469
8th NorthWolf (NA) 1420607
9th Kaptan Yosun1 (TR) 1404722
10th Cheeky Kasi (EUW) 1390917
11th NalgaTrucha (NA) 1343989
12th As Gregor (EUW) 1315874
13th Ézreal Senpai (EUW) 1276919
14th Ezreal carry (EUNE) 1221125
15th xsc2 (NA) 1200716
16th Noc (LAN) 1171249
17th soso74 (EUW) 1162062
18th D a (LAS) 1132462
19th Roki2233 (EUNE) 1130185
20th Emperor Mango (NA) 1080989
21st Sorä (NA) 1076996
22nd Castlevania 4 (NA) 1066987
23rd Her Demon (NA) 1054569
24th Ârchangel (NA) 1054185
25th CM7YRE (EUNE) 1054110