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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st NoobMaster (LAS) 4009962
2nd Neodammerung (EUW) 3426885
3rd 수수1 (KR) 2810004
4th Sparkly Eyes (EUW) 2457759
5th The Mighty Shin (NA) 2452344
6th Ezreal carry (EUNE) 2301548
7th Noc (LAN) 2242440
8th GregØr (EUW) 2106718
9th Normal Emu (NA) 2091853
10th Peach Lipstick (EUNE) 1890708
11th Korean Ezreal (NA) 1874161
12th NorthWolf (NA) 1845556
13th 팀탁해캐리할께 (KR) 1773198
14th c0dy5o4 (NA) 1736864
15th SimonPhoenix (EUNE) 1715689
16th Her Senpaı (NA) 1702692
17th soso74 (EUW) 1661122
18th NalgaTrucha (NA) 1655866
19th Sorä (NA) 1633810
20th Ezrealíty (BR) 1626444
21st Feel Bad Inc (LAN) 1600137
22nd theonedgo (NA) 1584659
23rd Emperor Mango (NA) 1555345
24th Cybernetic (NA) 1554956
25th itachi uchiha1 (TR) 1542351