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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Zeppcs (BR) 3612057
2nd MisterWolfe (NA) 3452145
3rd INFLAÇÃO123 (BR) 3077932
4th Ðelofasht (NA) 2903727
5th 개똥챔플레가기 (KR) 2786741
6th Zerg78 (NA) 2540937
7th Iluvatar88 (EUW) 2448616
8th Coveiro Brabo (BR) 2255129
9th Jyem (EUW) 2030473
10th ゼロむぎ (JP) 1949427
11th UnmeritedGrace (BR) 1865847
12th Chuck Yorick (EUW) 1794973
13th CHEWYARMS (NA) 1779006
14th MAGORED157 (BR) 1762289
15th Джони Сильвер (RU) 1751319
16th TeeKayTee (NA) 1744353
17th Pancarte (NA) 1733835
18th rtbf21659646 (EUNE) 1727396
19th Kampsycho (NA) 1685127
20th allseasondan (NA) 1671890
21st HayBibz (NA) 1649143
22nd BDM Super Gaby (BR) 1642037
23rd Мастер505 (RU) 1620177
24th KazeTheGrate (NA) 1598683
25th Dark is Daddy (EUW) 1532913