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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Tattsumaru (BR) 2922371
2nd Èlysium (EUW) 2912369
3rd 전쟁이다여자챙겨 (KR) 2905314
4th Headhunterr (LAN) 2565900
5th GregPL (EUNE) 2309702
6th Akalische Lösung (EUW) 2303523
7th Highlee Suspect (EUNE) 2291594
8th Syrian Guuy (EUW) 2256212
9th MarianosWaifu (NA) 2218696
10th 이나에스 (KR) 2200081
11th Regis (LAN) 2165658
12th Elash (KR) 2159738
13th do u love me (EUW) 1946880
14th Shobek (NA) 1931975
15th 冬しらりん (JP) 1902321
16th AnteQ7 (EUNE) 1874755
17th Power (TR) 1837656
18th Dante Alghiere (BR) 1831467
19th rinkutux (EUNE) 1796625
20th 쿠소만화 보따리 (KR) 1791506
21st Headhunterr (NA) 1775910
22nd Sloron1 (EUW) 1750952
23rd Scorp De NyCe (EUW) 1748153
24th DeathTheHorseman (EUNE) 1740707
25th MARSOC27 (NA) 1714666