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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 모모랜드낸시제인 (KR) 4656708
2nd Èlysium (EUW) 3686639
3rd Hisoka n9 (BR) 3553381
4th 전쟁이다여자챙겨 (KR) 3167458
5th 3RBo0oSH (EUW) 3132500
6th Regis (LAN) 3063228
7th 터 치 (KR) 3052505
8th Iván El Audaz (LAN) 2888042
9th Stinger Akali (EUNE) 2886214
10th miracle akali (KR) 2859799
11th GregPL (EUNE) 2841210
12th Grasi (KR) 2794439
13th ZimmerX550 (EUNE) 2687744
14th maxim47 (KR) 2681899
15th Rinkutux (EUNE) 2677617
16th 캬가사싸 (KR) 2631410
17th AGAIN Noob tema (EUNE) 2609249
18th 단검던지는아이 (KR) 2596086
19th 梅雨しら (JP) 2593505
20th 이현경 아나운서 (KR) 2522598
21st Akalische Lösung (EUW) 2494411
22nd Sloron1 (EUW) 2491653
23rd jllasquen (LAS) 2486148
24th FYSIKOXHMEIA 3 (EUNE) 2395264
25th AkaliRevert (NA) 2370411