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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st V0LK (EUNE) 3923923
2nd TheOn3 (NA) 3896096
3rd Kennen Oppa (EUW) 3182405
4th Schwuin (BR) 2897676
5th Спектр (RU) 2864966
6th 니들이 롤을알어 (KR) 2859444
7th Oreio (NA) 2832917
8th Acetza (LAN) 2788640
9th Dzigy (EUNE) 2536099
10th KempthePimp (NA) 2512842
11th ANBU Kennen (NA) 2407569
12th Dark69Death (EUW) 2377119
13th Zenidar (RU) 2349727
14th Paquiitoo0 (BR) 2343228
15th SensesWho (NA) 2334758
16th song yunho (EUW) 2263261
17th bibby (EUW) 2260871
18th Jik Blue (NA) 2258166
19th 케넨만 (KR) 2122609
20th Mr Gimix (NA) 2095058
21st Black R3aper (NA) 2088954
22nd Taynix (LAN) 2071767
23rd X ToxiC ShoT X (BR) 1969555
24th DARCH (LAN) 1882459
25th God Of Flash R (EUW) 1869622