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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TheOn3 (NA) 3858190
2nd TerrestrialBeing (EUNE) 3783090
3rd Kennen Oppa (EUW) 3182405
4th Schwuin (BR) 2812407
5th Oreio (NA) 2795886
6th Acetza (LAN) 2788640
7th 넌나의충낄낄 (KR) 2778551
8th Спектр (RU) 2655909
9th KempthePimp (NA) 2461014
10th Dzigy (EUNE) 2440658
11th ANBU Kennen (NA) 2367912
12th Paquiitoo0 (BR) 2343228
13th Dark69Death (EUW) 2313595
14th SensesWho (NA) 2286732
15th Zenidar (RU) 2253368
16th song yunho (EUW) 2251873
17th bibbz (EUW) 2237893
18th Jik Blue (NA) 2209063
19th Mr Gimix (NA) 2068982
20th Black R3aper (NA) 2036669
21st Taynix (LAN) 2011920
22nd JackEstripador06 (BR) 1948042
23rd God Of Flash R (EUW) 1852465
24th DARCH (LAN) 1850223
25th Tonkc (EUNE) 1798407