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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TerrestrialBeing (EUNE) 4168938
2nd TheOn3 (NA) 3918697
3rd Schwuin (BR) 3511626
4th Kennen Oppa (EUW) 3182405
5th Oreio (NA) 3068904
6th 니들이 롤을알어 (KR) 3004923
7th Спектр (RU) 2997532
8th Acetza (LAN) 2808840
9th ANBU Kennen (NA) 2805134
10th Dzigy (EUNE) 2759832
11th Jik Blue (NA) 2727421
12th KempthePimp (NA) 2626671
13th Zenidar (RU) 2534777
14th Dark69Death (EUW) 2512802
15th SensesWho (NA) 2431712
16th H7O46ZJyir (KR) 2423061
17th Paquiitoo0 (BR) 2343228
18th Black R3aper (NA) 2276266
19th song yunho (EUW) 2268093
20th bibby (EUW) 2260871
21st GDevil69 (EUW) 2218921
22nd Taynix (LAN) 2176901
23rd Master Fauli (EUW) 2159404
24th ToKennenUmRaio (BR) 2132980
25th Mr Gimix (NA) 2105430