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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st dindanmex (NA) 2865698
2nd i am GAREN (OCE) 2733335
3rd etrusque1 (EUW) 2629257
4th BUTTERFLY77 (TR) 2496862
5th Foresinho (EUW) 2487993
6th MirMiłek (EUNE) 2463316
7th theshadowdesteny (EUNE) 2417118
8th Gerry22222 (EUW) 2333945
9th Max Shmit (EUW) 2299781
10th Baba Garen (TR) 2258536
11th ristiu (NA) 2179421
12th Radamanthis14 (BR) 2172114
13th Leviathan63 (EUW) 2149007
14th Hentai Over Porn (NA) 2133067
15th Bludion (EUNE) 2070581
16th PcSlave (EUNE) 2031768
17th Dallarss (EUNE) 1987303
18th honey peanuts (NA) 1981875
19th Magic kitan (NA) 1947677
20th asprokampos (EUNE) 1900308
21st Forés (EUW) 1898941
22nd XRedXBladeX (NA) 1878802
23rd llishha (NA) 1877828
24th MannyPanties (NA) 1858020
25th WuShen GUANGOD (NA) 1839749