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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Nighteneophyte (EUW) 5211605
2nd 버들꽃나루 (KR) 5201646
3rd 좀비77 (KR) 4947873
4th Foresinho (EUW) 4828615
5th riste (NA) 4663572
6th 대한민국일등가렌 (KR) 4323552
7th theshadowdesteny (EUNE) 4250716
8th Bludion (EUNE) 3980423
9th Grandpa Garen (EUW) 3856779
10th 32nudra32 (TR) 3567519
11th Hide on Top (EUNE) 3563284
12th 가렌선픽요 (KR) 3535155
13th dindanmex (NA) 3465696
14th ItsagooDay2Die (EUW) 3464187
15th griffinsofneph (NA) 3433612
16th asprokampos (EUNE) 3383463
17th i am GAREN (OCE) 3309896
18th FORCE DEUX (KR) 3297721
19th LDS Knight (NA) 3282915
20th Garen Smash Lux (NA) 3273581
21st Max Shmit (EUW) 3226731
22nd rodai85 (EUW) 3200280
23rd noname1977 (TR) 3181315
24th 45792125del (KR) 3137708
25th Radamanthis14 (BR) 3114706