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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Sett1T (EUNE) 73340
2nd No Ban Sett PLS (LAS) 67232
3rd Papi Pappas (NA) 65840
4th 176cm 65kg 15cm (EUW) 62455
5th Sett Dummy Thicc (NA) 60068
6th RESETT (KR) 55090
7th Settimus Prime (TR) 50161
8th Éxile (NA) 49608
9th Floodz (NA) 49155
10th VALENTINO sf (BR) 48172
11th Ushíí (EUW) 47066
12th UnR1VaI3D (NA) 46328
13th Brobdignagian (OCE) 45498
14th 새벽이입니다 (KR) 43201
15th Sir Scrubbington (EUW) 42050
16th ƒorever ßronce (LAS) 41932
17th Ready Sett Go (KR) 41636
18th solcalibers (NA) 41198
19th Lhama1 (BR) 39955
20th FFarice (LAS) 39634
21st UnstoppableBoss (NA) 38774
22nd ReforgedSylas (EUW) 38679
23rd Final07Fantasy (EUNE) 38550
24th OMAlyfe (NA) 36375
25th Regusio (EUNE) 36279