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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Kindergärtner (EUW) 5645974
2nd The Ritz (NA) 4530893
3rd 1TRICKSUPPORT (EUNE) 4327512
4th Biequenob (BR) 3995863
5th LEONA REALM (NA) 3913551
6th Łordless (EUW) 3861209
7th serguei84 (EUW) 3588325
8th 레오나로 민주화 (KR) 3504342
9th Bìubìu (NA) 3300962
10th Tualkaer (NA) 3294237
11th Sc ShadowW (EUW) 3246072
12th LimTheDestructor (EUW) 3077058
13th TF109 (LAS) 3024363
14th ChosenOfTheSun (EUW) 2984492
15th Raphael pop (EUW) 2979068
16th Crossbow1701 (NA) 2968187
17th Isotrope (NA) 2897768
18th HeartFlame (OCE) 2852072
19th Blitze (EUW) 2798230
20th keatches (EUW) 2761002
21st Elizarda (RU) 2716784
22nd BRATVA macno (EUW) 2704024
23rd Marcorinho (EUNE) 2697412
24th 킬각이다호응해라 (KR) 2656245
25th Jarpak (EUNE) 2629200