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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Supgi (NA) 5690890
2nd Mepsipax (NA) 4984455
3rd Fiddles Fera (BR) 4543609
4th 6opucXPEHnonagew (RU) 3809956
5th DarkMerlin (EUW) 3404249
6th Nightrvrr (EUNE) 3253913
7th pentakill001 (OCE) 3185174
8th SofaKingGood (OCE) 3139950
9th Schwarze Krähe (EUW) 3057781
10th fiddleman (LAN) 3003358
11th SULPLISE (NA) 2983022
12th BliitzKrieGh (EUW) 2891961
13th Foreverszz (BR) 2873501
14th CrixiusZero (NA) 2865597
15th FuIl MeTaL (BR) 2837346
16th Master Minds (EUNE) 2824299
17th Доктор Сасай (RU) 2816850
18th DRS8 (EUNE) 2755781
19th 1HndLuke (NA) 2660535
20th princessøpeach (NA) 2630648
21st Scary Cárry (NA) 2520201
22nd Brazilian Fiddle (NA) 2499157
23rd CCG Ais Albedo (EUW) 2482772
24th Ghauss (BR) 2425033
25th Eu tava na Bush (BR) 2393328