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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Toih (BR) 2744840
2nd Bold Talon (NA) 2663601
3rd BigMeanKiller (NA) 2391337
4th yiguo (NA) 2119384
5th Pytangelus (EUW) 1980318
6th T0TY (LAN) 1857337
7th 서울박사장 (KR) 1810945
8th Penguin1 (OCE) 1754846
9th Eonomni (NA) 1724169
10th 20Matar70Correr (BR) 1684408
11th Scrumm (NA) 1659332
12th KissTheReaper (EUW) 1594865
13th Thug Talon (EUNE) 1563249
14th Râkê (LAS) 1560881
15th HAKAl (EUNE) 1550249
16th Steadylegs (NA) 1500541
17th Aqualyn (EUNE) 1494289
18th Pizza Slicer (EUW) 1407076
19th TF2 Medic Main (NA) 1396071
20th Savz KING (BR) 1395694
21st DrunkenMasterKen (NA) 1389674
22nd TheRealTalonMain (EUNE) 1373700
23rd 250iQ APE (EUNE) 1365858
24th Tok1oH0T (EUW) 1323316
25th IgnasITZ (EUW) 1322233