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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Toih (BR) 3577722
2nd Bold Talon (NA) 3080668
3rd BigMeanKiller (NA) 3077722
4th Runayqix (EUW) 2881702
5th Penguin1 (OCE) 2830777
6th T0TY (LAN) 2458606
7th no talon no life (BR) 2442053
8th Mr Gorilla glue (EUW) 2366879
9th yiguo (NA) 2180803
10th Eonomni (NA) 2172813
11th The Blue Blur (BR) 2149907
12th PrancingKiller (EUW) 2117067
13th Aqualyn (EUNE) 2087556
14th kingan1 (EUW) 2066484
15th IgnasITZ (EUW) 2055841
16th Thug Talon (EUNE) 2034055
17th Masieh (EUNE) 2030159
18th TaIonlonfarm (EUW) 2027743
19th Râkê (LAS) 1952285
20th Chegou o 0usado (BR) 1939032
21st 서울박사장 (KR) 1903786
22nd Conor K (BR) 1876209
23rd Naseef (NA) 1870126
24th 20Matar70Correr (BR) 1827918
25th TH3RM4L (EUNE) 1823289