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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Secillia (NA) 6744934
2nd 곧소름돋게해주지 (KR) 6011355
3rd 시작하라 (KR) 3995163
4th Kídi (EUW) 3931791
5th yuchanghan riven (NA) 3708258
6th Madbliks (BR) 3251845
7th TheSwiftExile (EUW) 3176217
8th Never Fórget (LAN) 3173054
9th Yøung Shiva (EUW) 3020852
10th M a g i o r e (BR) 2897432
11th Ádrian Aries (EUW) 2865419
12th SaV0Ir (EUNE) 2793067
13th Vanilla Sex (NA) 2772037
14th Robinhocpo (BR) 2770551
15th Birow (NA) 2720628
16th Thicc chall (EUNE) 2708163
17th JaNn3 (EUW) 2708087
18th MannyFigs (NA) 2588025
19th Notte (BR) 2569484
20th Calvin Coolidge (NA) 2510729
21st Cerulean Edge (NA) 2476792
22nd Solo Kirigaya (EUW) 2469078
23rd MOSESES (NA) 2441489
24th EDGE NyusziRiven (EUNE) 2427038
25th ICESTORM15 (EUW) 2360836