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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st xRivenIsMyWaifu (NA) 5987608
2nd 곧소름돋게해주지 (KR) 5508978
3rd Kídi (EUW) 3875233
4th 시작하라 (KR) 3650265
5th SumoSalamiSlam (NA) 3559126
6th TheSwiftExile (EUW) 2962462
7th Yeesha (EUW) 2882175
8th Madbliks (BR) 2797096
9th Vanilla Sex (NA) 2768765
10th M a g i o r e (BR) 2744434
11th Birow (NA) 2709925
12th Jann3 Riven (EUW) 2587451
13th Ádrian Aries (EUW) 2586283
14th Thicc chall (EUNE) 2537361
15th Robinhocpo (BR) 2512020
16th Notte (BR) 2494364
17th MannyFigs (NA) 2480594
18th Solo Kirigaya (EUW) 2423763
19th SaV0Ir (EUNE) 2410760
20th Kanü (LAN) 2406569
21st TAY ROC (NA) 2396581
22nd 탑 환 (KR) 2342937
23rd Cerulean Edge (NA) 2312487
24th swoof (BR) 2268727
25th ICESTORM15 (EUW) 2250710