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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Seci Bot (NA) 5059632
2nd 곧소름돋게해주지 (KR) 4793730
3rd Peaceful Top (EUW) 3674124
4th 시작하라 (KR) 3363456
5th Sushirole (NA) 2908086
6th Birow (NA) 2685613
7th Déath Note (NA) 2654498
8th Yeesha (EUW) 2637107
9th TheSwiftExile (EUW) 2472030
10th CaioSwitch (BR) 2410547
11th SaV0Ir (EUNE) 2315189
12th JaNn3 (EUW) 2301776
13th Solo Kirigaya (EUW) 2293661
14th MannyFigs (NA) 2270187
15th Robinhocpo (BR) 2252286
16th TAY ROC (NA) 2234760
17th Cerulean Edge (NA) 2163905
18th LawlietLelouch (NA) 2156526
19th ExiIe (BR) 2141396
20th functioning (NA) 2137820
21st swoof (BR) 2136326
22nd Háyabusa (EUW) 2090854
23rd NusziRiven (EUNE) 2089735
24th Garbatron (NA) 2035916
25th The Riven Player (KR) 2026074