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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Wintersun (NA) 7468657
2nd 곧소름돋게해주지 (KR) 6357484
3rd 시작하라 (KR) 4712935
4th Rλvεn (EUW) 4130297
5th Kanü (LAN) 3851208
6th yuchanghan riven (NA) 3708258
7th BIP Madbliks (BR) 3430367
8th TheSwiftExile (EUW) 3404690
9th hentaistar (NA) 3195961
10th Yeesha (EUW) 3185523
11th M a g i o r e (BR) 3021120
12th Robinhocpo (BR) 3012006
13th Riven Solo Q (EUW) 2983179
14th SaV0Ir (EUNE) 2920592
15th Calvin Coolidge (NA) 2866615
16th Brokën TopLaner (EUNE) 2850188
17th BetterTopWin (EUNE) 2827571
18th Solo Kirigaya (EUW) 2790025
19th ExiIed King (NA) 2726425
20th Birow (NA) 2720628
21st JaNn3 (EUW) 2708087
22nd Lunar Goddness (BR) 2691937
23rd Geiler Pedobaer (EUW) 2679910
24th Notte (BR) 2673466
25th MannyFigs (NA) 2647371