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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st super monchi (NA) 2894650
2nd gate7stefanos (EUNE) 2278549
3rd IronFranci (EUW) 1940140
4th CallMeRome (NA) 1802671
5th Тимонтий (RU) 1729008
6th Argentum Telum (NA) 1683703
7th daBearSky (EUW) 1636933
8th EoghaanN (EUW) 1618631
9th mindTILT (NA) 1600296
10th Haw Haw (TR) 1580112
11th KING GJ (OCE) 1525709
12th iRdYouLOL (NA) 1471233
13th Weislingen (EUW) 1432025
14th 쿡쿡콕콕 (KR) 1426042
15th GajeeI (TR) 1423604
16th A stray Lain (EUW) 1355262
17th Alpengeist (EUW) 1344520
18th AyeDevour (NA) 1279140
19th XBocmBocbMepKou (RU) 1271253
20th Egoist Kogmaw (TR) 1263980
21st Bakary Sénégal (EUW) 1254582
22nd Soturi17 (EUW) 1244990
23rd DeSYDeXo (EUNE) 1207127
24th Koggle (NA) 1190267
25th General AP Kog (NA) 1153379