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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st super monchi (NA) 3137491
2nd gate7stefanos (EUNE) 2278549
3rd IronFranci (EUW) 2043618
4th Тимонтий (RU) 1809861
5th CallMeRome (NA) 1806996
6th Argentum Telum (NA) 1794772
7th EoghaanN (EUW) 1748253
8th iRdYouLOL (NA) 1745164
9th mindTILT (NA) 1741882
10th Haw Haw (TR) 1717289
11th daBearSky (EUW) 1636933
12th KING GJ (OCE) 1610635
13th A stray Lain (EUW) 1526291
14th dont get koggy (EUW) 1515145
15th Usta Splinter (TR) 1500893
16th SaintJohn777 (NA) 1481088
17th 쿡쿡콕콕 (KR) 1448399
18th Soturi17 (EUW) 1365544
19th AyeDevour (NA) 1359073
20th Alpengeist (EUW) 1348945
21st muknut (NA) 1298721
22nd XBocmBocbMepKou (RU) 1293861
23rd Egoist Kogmaw (TR) 1282283
24th Bakary Sénégal (EUW) 1266498
25th Oivichyhuiseaux (NA) 1236212