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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st super monchi (NA) 3888165
2nd 노아짱 (KR) 3189663
3rd Jean Paraiso (BR) 2847475
4th AP terror (EUW) 2398568
5th gate7stefanos (EUNE) 2278549
6th Argentum Telum (NA) 2092259
7th Haw Haw (TR) 2073571
8th 자무시 (KR) 2021859
9th KUSH (RU) 1975280
10th EoghaanN (EUW) 1962281
11th SaintJohn777 (NA) 1922693
12th Тимонтий (RU) 1918389
13th 미드 코그멍 (KR) 1901389
14th KING GJ (OCE) 1900712
15th iRdYouLOL (NA) 1869214
16th mindTILT (NA) 1822314
17th CallMeRome (NA) 1822294
18th Soturi17 (EUW) 1795725
19th A stray Lain (EUW) 1669330
20th Bakary Sénégal (EUW) 1645612
21st daBearSky (EUW) 1636933
22nd Haselnussstrauch (EUW) 1607670
23rd Usta Splinter (TR) 1552761
24th Nixlflix (NA) 1512170
25th muknut (NA) 1509270