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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 하이니스 (KR) 3294913
2nd 1Shen (NA) 2854219
3rd 1Shen (EUNE) 2739921
4th Support Shen (EUNE) 2646288
5th THE BLUE NINJA (NA) 2553889
6th RoyTheRoyalBoy (NA) 2513333
7th 건치노 (KR) 2381840
8th JustTedd (NA) 2328850
9th EIOLOS (LAS) 2077863
10th SheNaPaN (EUW) 2048100
11th l닭템l (KR) 2045609
12th RedEcks (NA) 1983081
13th darkcreepy (EUNE) 1953743
14th Ocanha de Shen (BR) 1914743
15th Sick Fortune (EUW) 1847807
16th Crapperjohn (EUW) 1846944
17th Never be Carry C (NA) 1834880
18th Kian987 (EUW) 1787232
19th RiddlerShen (NA) 1752083
20th Shen i (KR) 1750467
21st belliator (TR) 1738579
22nd Honda NSX (NA) 1729016
23rd Holy Street (OCE) 1714664
24th Robymitsu (EUW) 1708968
25th GoldenShen (EUW) 1666861