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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 하이니스 (KR) 3406684
2nd 1Shen (NA) 3032601
3rd 1Shen (EUNE) 2961568
4th RoyTheRoyalBoy (NA) 2820626
5th Support Shen (EUNE) 2801629
6th THE BLUE NINJA (NA) 2582795
7th 건치노 (KR) 2422907
8th JustTedd (NA) 2393464
9th darkcreepy (EUNE) 2150147
10th SheNaPaN (EUW) 2141349
11th RedEcks (NA) 2118743
12th Crapperjohn (EUW) 2102718
13th EIOLOS (LAS) 2077863
14th Ocanha Stark (BR) 2070017
15th Shenn (KR) 2056194
16th l닭템l (KR) 2047797
17th Holy Street (OCE) 2009815
18th Sick Fortune (EUW) 2007033
19th Kian987 (EUW) 1973407
20th PlatinumShen (EUW) 1857189
21st tinnynipples (NA) 1844177
22nd Never be Carry C (NA) 1834880
23rd Robymitsu (EUW) 1811986
24th Honda NSX (NA) 1791507
25th RiddlerShen (NA) 1760244