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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 하이니스 (KR) 3187892
2nd 1Shen (NA) 2554569
3rd 1Shen (EUNE) 2476066
4th 건치노 (KR) 2375498
5th Support Shen (EUNE) 2358218
6th THE BLUE NINJA (NA) 2314273
7th JustTedd (NA) 2305790
8th RoyTheRoyalBoy (NA) 2110246
9th EIOLOS (LAS) 2077863
10th l닭템l (KR) 2042260
11th SheNaPaN (EUW) 1898984
12th All Chat Muted (NA) 1834880
13th RedEcks (NA) 1796241
14th darkcreepy (EUNE) 1782159
15th Ocanha de Shen (BR) 1695996
16th Crapperjohn (EUW) 1652986
17th Kian987 (EUW) 1632768
18th RiddlerShen (NA) 1630242
19th belliator (TR) 1591951
20th PROJECT Kidd (NA) 1590050
21st Sick Fortune (EUW) 1575842
22nd Holy Street (OCE) 1568739
23rd Robymitsu (EUW) 1552101
24th GoldenShen (EUW) 1548422
25th Grandmaster Shen (NA) 1544905