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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 하이니스 (KR) 3946881
2nd 1Shen (NA) 3889812
3rd THE BLUE NINJA (NA) 3832633
4th 1Shen (EUNE) 3722629
5th 쉔피온 (KR) 3672015
6th Support Shen (EUNE) 3605487
7th UglyJo (NA) 3479038
8th RoyTheRoyalBoy (NA) 3286519
9th 도와줘요 쉔오빠 (KR) 3193776
10th darkcreepy (EUNE) 2981808
11th Unforgiven Ninja (LAS) 2969196
12th Unmei Rojo (LAN) 2830885
13th RedEcks (NA) 2740679
14th 1523688del (KR) 2699994
15th 어린이백과 (KR) 2688332
16th Shenna (KR) 2637263
17th Sick Fortune (EUW) 2583541
18th JustTedd (NA) 2551458
19th a1on (LAS) 2539106
20th 건치노 (KR) 2489699
21st Kian987 (EUW) 2472352
22nd RiddlerShen (NA) 2403893
23rd 쉔이랑 (KR) 2395928
24th GGWP Svitania (EUNE) 2385524
25th l닭템l (KR) 2348715