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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 한여름소나기 (KR) 6320836
2nd LMSabugo (EUW) 5620973
3rd OLuxanna (TR) 5263703
4th L U XxCiiiFeR (BR) 4592381
5th 롤 한번해보세 (KR) 4154466
6th nuskobily (EUW) 3936287
7th LuxJanSoSo Sup (KR) 3903490
8th BanánKeksz (EUNE) 3776651
9th av3l (EUW) 3755367
10th NlNA (LAN) 3740544
11th Borb (NA) 3698927
12th The라이 (KR) 3644053
13th Horneh Bunneh (NA) 3564388
14th 44MLT44 (EUW) 3496720
15th 원소술사럭스서폿 (KR) 3455906
16th Animaadmortis (EUNE) 3376626
17th Keinarzt (EUW) 3330076
18th 1Star1 (NA) 3294705
19th Seven Fox (BR) 3281593
20th Staceyswag (NA) 3193712
21st Gore666 (EUNE) 3153161
22nd Prince Lucifer (EUW) 3111485
23rd Miss Roo (NA) 3081003
24th AdmiralAthlon (EUW) 2931347
25th YordleDiabolicus (LAS) 2878795