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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 한여름소나기 (KR) 5949663
2nd LMSabugo (EUW) 4813291
3rd OLuxanna (TR) 4536963
4th HiDaN LuXx FLeXx (BR) 4149875
5th nuskobily (EUW) 3465003
6th Borb (NA) 3369627
7th 롤 한번해보세 (KR) 3367239
8th BanánKeksz (EUNE) 3254415
9th 1Star1 (NA) 3241412
10th NlNA (LAN) 3185113
11th av3l (EUW) 3119677
12th Horneh Bunneh (NA) 3044043
13th Prince Lucifer (EUW) 3010062
14th Animaadmortis (EUNE) 2960595
15th AdmiralAthlon (EUW) 2931347
16th Seven Fox (BR) 2926860
17th 44MLT44 (EUW) 2908282
18th The라이 (KR) 2858847
19th Staceyswag (NA) 2672891
20th LegendKillNow (NA) 2598843
21st tomrabbittt (NA) 2588346
22nd AgueroMcFc (EUNE) 2580880
23rd Miss Roo (NA) 2522401
24th Gore666 (EUNE) 2513867
25th Lucifer66 (LAS) 2492452