Total Points

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st umechaduke (NA) 9672003
2nd IlIlllllllllll (EUW) 8174193
3rd Pикитикитави (RU) 7655816
4th itsdragonlol (NA) 7405178
5th Kizo Pwnz (EUNE) 7359113
6th Tommahawk1 (EUW) 7233337
7th alop55555 (LAS) 7121050
8th Rodrygo (BR) 6959043
9th T de Tier1 (BR) 6909661
10th AdellaideSkyhart (NA) 6870050
11th FéédLórd (EUNE) 6681732
12th Roni the best (EUNE) 6659059
13th BeLiCCo (LAS) 6608659
14th mihabe (TR) 6518264
15th 여러분들의오더 (KR) 6486666
16th FaKeRiSTiNyKuE (NA) 6457281
17th STINKYBAWLS (EUNE) 6442138
18th MadDog357 (NA) 6410170
19th Salty Raccoon (EUNE) 6387873
20th 김딸라 (KR) 6320667
21st 샤넬애쉬 (KR) 6250434
22nd MrCharmYoGurl (NA) 6188202
23rd The walking fizz (EUW) 6153339
24th Tramp Stamp Ahri (NA) 6100616
25th KT TEFD (KR) 6094877