Frequently Asked Questions

Somebody is missing from the highscores list

Players must be looked up on the site to appear on the highscores. Look them up (using the search box in the top right) and they will be added to the list.

When I click a player on the highscores list it says they weren't found or it brings me to the wrong player

If their mastery data is slightly outdated: champion mastery info is cached for 10 minutes. Try refreshing the page in a few minutes to update it.
If a link brought you to a player with a different name, but they have the correct mastery data: the player changed their name and you have been automatically redirected.
If the mastery data is completely incorrect: this can happen in certain rare situations. Message me on Reddit or create an issue on GitHub and I will fix it manually.

Can you add a separate highscores list for each region?

I have no plans to do this. The regional distribution of players looked up on the site is very different from the distribution of players from each region. Data for certain regions (especially ones where English is not the primary language) would not be very accurate.

Can you show everybody on the highscores (instead of just the top 25 players)?

I have no plans to do this. Data becomes too unreliable beyond the top handful of players for each champion. Players with lower scores are less likely to be looked up (top players are often looked up by people who have heard of them due to their dedication to a single champion), so the list would not accurately represent all players.

Do you have an API for the highscores list?

You can download a copy of the data here. Please download and cache your own copy of the data to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the server.
The data is a JSON object with champion IDs as keys ("-1" for total points, "-2" for total level). Each champion contains the summoner name, summoner ID, region, points on the champion (or total level), and standardized name (all lowercase, spaces removed) for each of the top 30 players.
Feel free to message me on Reddit or create an issue on GitHub if you have any questions