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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Annie Bot (NA) 5511279
2nd Fireƒly (NA) 3608291
3rd Baernie Sanders (EUW) 3585935
4th DASANT YT (LAS) 3189719
5th Annιe (EUW) 3136851
6th AeQ Killua (EUW) 3072253
7th Anniemore (BR) 2837145
8th 애니는맛세 (KR) 2697372
9th dAnnieBo1 (NA) 2549093
10th T14K (EUW) 2498831
11th MáRin (LAN) 2338985
12th basic7018 (EUW) 2269954
13th Panda Annie (OCE) 2253464
14th Anniequilados (EUW) 2197299
15th Dark Child (NA) 2068550
16th Mikey january11 (NA) 2059085
17th Lolo Bot (EUNE) 2058958
18th ばとるあにこ (JP) 2019650
19th Main Mid Annie (NA) 1990526
20th Pianosisma (EUW) 1988288
21st P0beditel (RU) 1956840
22nd KLS Kappa (BR) 1933935
23rd Annie Mustard (EUW) 1933003
24th MaRghEriTa DeViL (EUW) 1827651
25th TanniA The Evil (LAS) 1805154