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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Annie Bot (NA) 4777499
2nd ßob (NA) 3190739
3rd AeQ Killua (EUW) 2889648
4th destructorgamer (LAS) 2823533
5th Anniemore (BR) 2819293
6th Baernie Sanders (EUW) 2687661
7th Annιe (EUW) 2662711
8th dAnnieBo1 (NA) 2386338
9th basic7018 (EUW) 2232297
10th T14K (EUW) 2136474
11th Dark Child (NA) 2068550
12th Panda Annie (OCE) 2001386
13th Main Mid Annie (NA) 1990526
14th Mikey january11 (NA) 1972323
15th KidChallenger (BR) 1933935
16th Annie Mustard (EUW) 1933003
17th MêêTMŸTíßßêRŚ (EUNE) 1899955
18th Anniequilados (EUW) 1860842
19th Pianosisma (EUW) 1770172
20th EkyonKun (NA) 1728174
21st annie only here (EUNE) 1700391
22nd Akjilah (EUW) 1671700
23rd CsM LetMeAnnie (EUW) 1661952
24th BailyBlue (EUW) 1646059
25th black Needles (BR) 1609972