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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Piotr06 (EUNE) 4066494
2nd XchasconX (LAS) 3559342
3rd 공속싸대귀 (KR) 2723011
4th C9 Cucks (NA) 2662261
5th Diogenesis (EUW) 2236715
6th SofaKingHigh5 (NA) 2009310
7th LewCat (NA) 1974347
8th John PauI II (EUW) 1952292
9th 유리 밤 (KR) 1918381
10th Alpha190 (EUW) 1902464
11th LuckyD (NA) 1896307
12th oneyedragon1979 (NA) 1837199
13th II fsociety II (TR) 1775995
14th sarara criola (BR) 1744255
15th 케일장인랭킹1위 (KR) 1729493
16th Sëth Rich (NA) 1645221
17th DW6990 (NA) 1585397
18th Chimaera244 (NA) 1561199
19th redwoodR (EUNE) 1521666
20th Kayleminator (EUW) 1519200
21st WhiteFilling (EUW) 1509215
22nd sieesch (EUW) 1503083
23rd AStek1 (EUNE) 1418488
24th PalBok (NA) 1355855
25th Divine Fury (NA) 1355288