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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st POSEYDON888 (EUW) 2421137
2nd SHYBOOOM arg (LAS) 2117126
3rd DarketsNeox (NA) 1664840
4th HUBACK (BR) 1603704
5th Fury0 (EUNE) 1548771
6th LucasMingau (BR) 1515616
7th icefire009 (OCE) 1385883
8th MrDABsWildRide (NA) 1358339
9th Shyvana Böt (NA) 1337029
10th The Saint PT (EUW) 1330751
11th Rivdex (RU) 1328358
12th Dis3 (EUW) 1326996
13th 20541583del (KR) 1318764
14th BattlemaN (EUNE) 1289552
15th maximus123456 (NA) 1275885
16th TheShyvanaGod (NA) 1267553
17th Hi Im a lil Shy (EUW) 1264971
18th abnormalsense (NA) 1213204
19th sparhireshane (NA) 1165164
20th The Liability (OCE) 1152052
21st DuoWithMePlease (EUW) 1151647
22nd Hinata Rabbit (NA) 1140049
23rd RaidonRonin (LAN) 1123728
24th ImDaNuts (EUNE) 1118419
25th FKNFGTKYSPLS (TR) 1103646