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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Azalée (EUW) 3676781
2nd RavenOner (EUW) 3225690
3rd MiyaAsura (BR) 3056142
4th Verti (EUW) 3005706
5th Amiyah Scott (NA) 2893278
6th riririri (KR) 2830570
7th AwesomePrussia34 (NA) 2679056
8th AhriIsMyWaifuS2 (BR) 2648486
9th We Are Worthless (NA) 2640899
10th A Charming Ahri (NA) 2494435
11th Zero Metal (LAN) 2425513
12th ExcaliberPrime (NA) 2411454
13th 유수인 (KR) 2386796
14th Guhz (NA) 2292479
15th Guhz (LAN) 2259274
16th HunterDragon (LAN) 2182232
17th FabWarlock (NA) 2180490
18th boludo mal (LAS) 2169600
19th Ahris Orb (EUW) 2159109
20th Blaze Wolf891 (NA) 2146719
21st Lotus Storm (NA) 2145266
22nd LFFN (NA) 2136766
23rd foxmarco (EUW) 2128917
24th Mewko (NA) 2121624
25th SoIar Warrior (LAN) 2111686