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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SUPERpulpo (LAS) 3476067
2nd MarchedWaif89 (LAN) 3223551
3rd Faker LoL (LAN) 2744975
4th One Jump (LAS) 2068276
5th DeviIos (EUW) 2002548
6th Kypamurx (EUW) 1982301
7th Talinis (NA) 1919399
8th plux (LAN) 1880714
9th TheCharuman (EUW) 1831896
10th Bronjz (NA) 1821613
11th DrDidit (NA) 1780566
12th Fizzykid (NA) 1702835
13th 피 즈 핵 꿀 잼 (KR) 1698698
14th master fizz (NA) 1679375
15th SoulOfFisherMan (EUNE) 1675534
16th ungraceful (EUW) 1569127
17th Luigí (EUW) 1568918
18th a pooches (NA) 1537689
19th Royäl T (NA) 1528319
20th Kami D Hoyhi (EUNE) 1503293
21st ageageage (BR) 1460921
22nd SoundsFishy (EUW) 1451033
23rd Dont Feed Fizz (EUNE) 1429666
24th Rotomdex (EUW) 1418125
25th Fìzz (EUW) 1388433