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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Predador V (BR) 2755253
2nd INTS Constantine (EUNE) 2588907
3rd Tommahawk1 (EUW) 2413578
4th PridestaIker (BR) 2395932
5th ChaosRain77 (NA) 2334960
6th Jasanova (NA) 2211612
7th quaticon (EUW) 2045261
8th SticketeStackete (EUW) 2017386
9th Best Rengar DF (BR) 1961196
10th Rowni (NA) 1946225
11th ySora (BR) 1858493
12th Undying Spirit (EUW) 1828127
13th ATH Xil (EUW) 1806363
14th Sinister Rengar (NA) 1766448
15th Lann (EUW) 1761548
16th im Juicy (NA) 1720539
17th HX Headhunter (EUW) 1694614
18th RYAN CHOl (EUNE) 1664421
19th Bad Rengar (EUNE) 1663408
20th BrokenRengo (EUNE) 1644938
21st Ust (BR) 1638704
22nd VAV (KR) 1628123
23rd ToxicRengarNA (NA) 1609980
24th Drakelaw1 (EUW) 1603037
25th Everlon (EUNE) 1602679