Master Yi

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 밤에별 (KR) 4865608
2nd Azagoth (LAS) 4586510
3rd MasterYiSoonShin (KR) 4173609
4th hotep38 (EUNE) 3832307
5th dereki (EUNE) 3811174
6th SLICES (EUW) 3726094
7th YIYIYI GUO (LAN) 3547812
8th FinalF4NTASY (BR) 3219221
9th king YI (EUNE) 3177662
10th GirlsAddMeCarry (NA) 3047955
11th Mono Master Yi (BR) 2925056
12th f è r ò c 3 (EUW) 2894934
13th SpyshadoW (NA) 2680990
14th SlashStriker (EUW) 2648308
15th 칸타타커피믹스 (KR) 2645699
16th yiyiyiyi (NA) 2644276
17th Face Your Demon (EUW) 2641242
18th Krippy Yi (LAS) 2620827
19th ScoobyKiller (EUW) 2575086
20th januszjoz2 (EUW) 2571292
21st tauperharley (EUW) 2555462
22nd Lightn1ngPower (NA) 2546250
23rd helleyesZ (EUW) 2479926
24th MUTE ALL DOGS XD (EUW) 2403924
25th pezzey3 (EUNE) 2367111