Master Yi

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 밤에별 (KR) 4461908
2nd Azagoth (LAS) 3770622
3rd MasterYiSoonShin (KR) 3498232
4th dereki (EUNE) 3400423
5th hotep38 (EUNE) 3221517
6th SLICES (EUW) 3174809
7th FinalF4NTASY (BR) 2976404
8th f è r ò c 3 (EUW) 2842902
9th YIYIYI GUO (LAN) 2796026
10th yiyiyiyi (NA) 2644276
11th helleyesZ (EUW) 2479926
12th Fix alpha bugs (EUW) 2455912
13th Shqipe ACAB (EUNE) 2410437
14th SpyshadoW (NA) 2402965
15th ScoobyKiller (EUW) 2387168
16th Mono Master Yi (BR) 2361519
17th TwchTV BesttYiNA (NA) 2333775
18th Jedi (LAS) 2297156
19th januszjoz2 (EUW) 2286764
20th SlashStriker (EUW) 2226737
21st Blue Loves Red (EUW) 2150139
22nd tauperharley (EUW) 2147618
23rd PiVoRx (EUNE) 2124878
24th sidnaciousness (EUW) 2040980
25th connectingthedot (OCE) 2007855