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Master Yi

Players must be looked up on this site to appear on this list
Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 밤에별 (KR) 4730509
2nd Azagoth (LAS) 4142013
3rd MasterYiSoonShin (KR) 4018551
4th dereki (EUNE) 3677922
5th hotep38 (EUNE) 3598201
6th SLICES (EUW) 3522489
7th YIYIYI GUO (LAN) 3165301
8th FinalF4NTASY (BR) 2998821
9th f è r ò c 3 (EUW) 2894934
10th king YI (EUNE) 2799725
11th Mono Master Yi (BR) 2694013
12th TwchTV BesttYiNA (NA) 2673656
13th yiyiyiyi (NA) 2644276
14th januszjoz2 (EUW) 2567036
15th ScoobyKiller (EUW) 2538915
16th SpyshadoW (NA) 2537826
17th SlashStriker (EUW) 2510167
18th Dogs and Cats (EUW) 2502296
19th tauperharley (EUW) 2487805
20th helleyesZ (EUW) 2479926
21st Pimientó (LAS) 2370340
22nd IlIlIIlIl Wuju (EUW) 2331625
23rd Selfsuck Asian (EUNE) 2195382
24th pezzey3 (EUNE) 2190484
25th Lej (EUW) 2189727