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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st leesnett (EUNE) 2760644
2nd BuneDemon (NA) 2644370
3rd 롤 한번해보세 (KR) 2550219
4th HG Idriss (EUW) 2500051
5th RaSiel (RU) 2457365
6th v7v7 (BR) 2271651
7th Mevarus (EUW) 2271182
8th N3bula (EUW) 2068293
9th tripleclean (NA) 2049411
10th Barakoini (NA) 1996447
11th ArroW of D3ath (NA) 1975790
12th Deivid1304 (EUW) 1970886
13th GREEN WOLF (OCE) 1969482
14th Lajavko (EUNE) 1852205
15th WeeD MaiN (EUW) 1806597
16th TDS Ace Dragon (EUW) 1800378
17th Aragosta (NA) 1760307
18th Eisuke (NA) 1702728
19th Povilas93 (RU) 1584757
20th Pedro Cristian (BR) 1522552
21st FOTIS7474 (EUNE) 1498630
22nd zinkanagwouaka (EUW) 1492586
23rd Dumpster Lord (NA) 1484697
24th Rydrius (NA) 1466523
25th xXblinXx (EUW) 1465902