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Players must be looked up on this site to appear on this list
Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Nautilus Bot (EUNE) 2526857
2nd takumatzu (NA) 2470149
3rd stop FLAME (EUNE) 2334539
4th 박카스비틀즈 (KR) 2087160
5th Je suis Toplaner (EUW) 1819191
6th Diáblo (EUNE) 1789840
7th AndStillBad (EUW) 1789098
8th 37450788_DEL (KR) 1764504
9th Zodiac Sector 5 (NA) 1668646
10th iGeMeShE1 (LAN) 1628973
11th michel4949 (NA) 1607265
12th SternErn (NA) 1598221
13th ReaperOfSouls99 (NA) 1594520
14th tempnameMS2818 (RU) 1574381
15th Diestal (NA) 1532332
16th Lawyer (BR) 1477741
17th Boy Nostalgic (BR) 1451413
18th 한타할아버지 (KR) 1441597
19th btrowdy (NA) 1435187
20th JuenSupport (EUW) 1404195
21st HarambeWeMissYew (NA) 1404132
22nd thrainn saibot (EUW) 1392649
23rd Haroof (NA) 1362926
24th Voodoo Zulu (EUW) 1302154
25th Jzxx (NA) 1282975