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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st AlienTao (NA) 2523340
2nd xDoop (EUW) 1706469
3rd snakydev (NA) 1603294
4th Mystery Yoghurt (OCE) 1579819
5th LFAR (LAN) 1524048
6th らんとす (JP) 1340487
7th hifriendy (EUW) 1338337
8th Jeanthony (LAN) 1299187
9th Mastin777 (NA) 1289792
10th Jovis (NA) 1277681
11th EclipseRanger (EUNE) 1252518
12th ARK Fiwel (EUW) 1250079
13th Scorrius (EUNE) 1226815
14th Kroosier (NA) 1115113
15th Aaron Smith (BR) 1112069
16th Venom Vux (EUNE) 1111922
17th Evocidet (EUW) 1099449
18th Zane Prodigy (NA) 1089644
19th MRYONDAIM (EUW) 1063744
20th Kimzar (NA) 1041691
21st Viktor 1v9 (BR) 991254
22nd TheKiłłingJoké (EUNE) 957041
23rd VIKTOOR (TR) 950471
24th 1v9 allday (EUW) 942652
25th Vikbetrays (NA) 930779