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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st AlienTao (NA) 2895957
2nd xDoop (EUW) 1835261
3rd LFAR (LAN) 1712094
4th Mystery Yoghurt (OCE) 1699222
5th hifriendy (EUW) 1656276
6th snakydev (NA) 1637462
7th C9 鈴木一徹 (JP) 1505830
8th MilesTegg (OCE) 1453357
9th Kroosier (NA) 1404800
10th ARK Fiwel (EUW) 1403949
11th Jovis (NA) 1401059
12th Jeanthony (LAN) 1325574
13th EclipseRanger (EUNE) 1313169
14th Mastin777 (NA) 1309070
15th P0RNSTAR VIKTOR (BR) 1287220
16th Zane Prodigy (NA) 1239060
17th Scorrius (EUNE) 1226815
18th Eggscelent (EUW) 1213013
19th CG Evocidet (EUW) 1212949
20th Alexmachina (EUW) 1212170
21st Kimzar (NA) 1210487
22nd Aaron Smith (BR) 1181043
23rd Venom Vux (EUNE) 1125009
24th MRYONDAIM (EUW) 1095451
25th Rouge Viktor (EUW) 1060483