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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 땅혁맘마 (KR) 3151224
2nd PegasusQuantam (NA) 2143295
3rd FLakka (TR) 1845428
4th TayTıS (TR) 1756474
5th SejuSup (EUW) 1578118
6th marekc (EUNE) 1488205
7th GundayMonday (NA) 1376986
8th Schwartlappen (EUW) 1332462
9th hi im pinki pie (EUW) 1289886
10th SoyMilkYum (NA) 1228187
11th OneEyeGod (NA) 1212597
12th gdfgzs (EUW) 1190876
13th J4R00 (EUNE) 1185715
14th BARTEQ84 (EUNE) 1122104
15th Hii im JT (EUW) 1084247
16th Bibelworte (BR) 1073325
17th Starlight01 (EUW) 1072959
18th Nola Zombie (NA) 1062328
19th JOmickie (NA) 1011182
20th yukitsan (EUNE) 984204
21st Solid Sej (EUW) 967013
22nd hartag (NA) 943590
23rd Nigelwin (NA) 923076
24th AlkoranT (EUW) 904150
25th ForceObscure (EUW) 870222