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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Артеллерист (RU) 2122325
2nd foamycookies (NA) 1890368
3rd 미친 과학자 직스 (KR) 1723073
4th LudiloLudila (EUNE) 1576156
5th sangerete (EUW) 1445518
6th Alexi0001 (NA) 1407897
7th Neytoro (EUNE) 1392734
8th BuyYourOwnBombs (EUW) 1329196
9th Terrorist Ziggs (NA) 1302698
10th bendzokosta (EUNE) 1151937
11th 28461746_DEL (KR) 1148494
12th Ateş Topu (TR) 1080844
13th Goodm (NA) 1035477
14th iYe Xiu (EUW) 1031166
15th SKiilRex (EUW) 1027742
16th Sponge0987 (NA) 960276
17th PLatTIpuSS (NA) 952449
18th SpyderManGib (EUW) 931114
19th 3DK (EUW) 925994
20th HWRedlines (NA) 914565
21st BUCKLAND ZIGGS (OCE) 913904
22nd Snikkelwikkel (EUW) 887919
23rd Samy Artister (EUNE) 879516
24th Síon (EUW) 850582
25th Reinbod (EUW) 813854