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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Woook3r (EUW) 4075439
2nd 난 너무 잘하잖아 (KR) 4034433
3rd Grigoriadis (EUNE) 3411405
4th Mírror (EUW) 3123772
5th KłTE (NA) 2588714
6th anime traps (NA) 2565566
7th Drâvên (TR) 2513451
8th FURΙAT (EUNE) 2429126
9th invazn604 (NA) 2414227
10th Doraven (KR) 2327695
11th Draven Airlines (EUW) 2273794
12th zeeseeoh (NA) 2196690
13th Jpeg89 (EUW) 2138382
14th Roronoa Zooro (TR) 2125766
15th Tömmey (EUW) 2108841
16th 27Chips (EUW) 2095288
17th Dravenage (BR) 2071882
18th KaNye (EUNE) 2070186
19th aKansper BTT (NA) 2065970
20th Drâvenâtion (TR) 2058890
21st 전설의마술사 (KR) 2023082
22nd bazilisek2 (EUNE) 2007339
23rd Ðrävën (NA) 1987903
24th 홍철이도끼 (KR) 1978544
25th Bonvivius (EUW) 1964280