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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 국산 소 (KR) 3729337
2nd dolgon (EUW) 2592755
3rd Шмалистар (RU) 2311647
4th Anubis the Otter (NA) 2154810
5th 420 MahatmaGanja (OCE) 2062955
6th LordofCowTime (NA) 1895835
7th LORD ALISTAR (NA) 1836914
8th pigjosh7 (NA) 1789288
9th HexiOwnz (EUNE) 1730582
10th bdr (EUNE) 1719052
11th mikiFrajer (EUNE) 1699871
12th SatanslilHelper (NA) 1652284
13th katsavidas AE (EUNE) 1626953
14th Kebren (NA) 1607258
15th Ultimusss (EUW) 1556333
16th BeatsFreek (RU) 1506209
17th ShIvAsCreate (EUW) 1479746
18th Melhor Alistar (BR) 1427215
19th Snowphile (EUNE) 1421264
20th HC KreLL (EUW) 1406541
21st wozuiba (EUW) 1333954
22nd KeepeRPOL (EUNE) 1315588
23rd Sierno (EUW) 1277977
24th FTypeR (NA) 1271828
25th rocking (LAN) 1248378