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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 국산 소 (KR) 3420082
2nd dolgon (EUW) 2529742
3rd Шмалистар (RU) 2311647
4th 420 MahatmaGanja (OCE) 2038579
5th Anubis the Otter (NA) 1981101
6th LordofCowTime (NA) 1778916
7th pigjosh7 (NA) 1709715
8th Alistar Carry U (NA) 1680248
9th SatanslilHelper (NA) 1630681
10th katsavidas AE (EUNE) 1614102
11th Kebren (NA) 1605812
12th bdr (EUNE) 1593971
13th mikiFrajer (EUNE) 1590943
14th HexiOwnz (EUNE) 1574708
15th Ultimusss (EUW) 1514007
16th BeatsFreek (RU) 1459310
17th Melhor Alistar (BR) 1383595
18th Snowphile (EUNE) 1364429
19th HC KreLL (EUW) 1356600
20th ShIvAsCreate (EUW) 1354811
21st Sierno (EUW) 1273475
22nd FTypeR (NA) 1258423
23rd Too old for this (EUNE) 1240233
24th rocking (LAN) 1239179
25th TPA lillopalle (EUW) 1066236