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Players must be looked up on this site to appear on this list
Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 국산 소 (KR) 4074313
2nd dolgon (EUW) 2625467
3rd Шмалистар (RU) 2311647
4th Anubis the Otter (NA) 2264752
5th LordofCowTime (NA) 2076647
6th 420 MahatmaGanja (OCE) 2065214
7th LORD ALISTAR (NA) 1950578
8th bdr (EUNE) 1940125
9th pigjosh7 (NA) 1890297
10th HexiOwnz (EUNE) 1878422
11th mikiFrajer (EUNE) 1803397
12th SatanslilHelper (NA) 1721295
13th katsavidas AE (EUNE) 1674242
14th BeatsFreek (RU) 1654177
15th Kebren (NA) 1650285
16th Snowphile (EUNE) 1637030
17th Ultimusss (EUW) 1556709
18th messwiththebull (EUW) 1556273
19th ShIvAsCreate (EUW) 1492907
20th Alicopter (NA) 1481442
21st HC KreLL (EUW) 1461920
22nd wozuiba (EUW) 1434989
23rd Melhor Alistar (BR) 1427215
24th KeepeRPOL (EUNE) 1397825
25th TPA lillopalle (EUW) 1313254