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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st KelDaddy (NA) 2363918
2nd Cibuky (EUNE) 2062383
3rd Lord of Hecarim1 (KR) 1621121
4th Bakitebra (EUNE) 1607285
5th Levent37 (TR) 1501445
6th Position (EUW) 1490312
7th Onyx Misfire (NA) 1482736
8th Zetren (EUW) 1448340
9th 애꿍이 (KR) 1354611
10th Riding Hecarim (NA) 1349968
11th Shadow Blinks (EUW) 1334084
12th Avarosan (KR) 1307513
13th BT Nuncaparo (EUW) 1288929
14th Seventrin (EUNE) 1218708
15th Worsa (EUW) 1195276
16th ЯоJeR (RU) 1194534
17th Hecarim God (NA) 1177723
18th Alazard (BR) 1175366
19th lIIllIIIIllIIlll (EUW) 1169619
20th Dallasmmbr (BR) 1125769
21st Чайка (JP) 1084955
22nd JTBC (OCE) 1072511
23rd maciakaja (EUNE) 1063280
24th Speed Heca (EUW) 1009309
25th Oooh Aah (NA) 980437