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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st KelDaddy (NA) 2412072
2nd Cibuky (EUNE) 2100562
3rd Lord of Hecarim1 (KR) 1657525
4th Bakitebra (EUNE) 1616511
5th Position (EUW) 1597820
6th Levent37 (TR) 1576829
7th Onyx Misfire (NA) 1489845
8th Zetren (EUW) 1448340
9th 애꿍이 (KR) 1378722
10th Riding Hecarim (NA) 1350124
11th Nuncaparo (EUW) 1348976
12th Shadow Blinks (EUW) 1340193
13th Hecarim God (NA) 1325312
14th Avarosan (KR) 1321976
15th Seventrin (EUNE) 1224700
16th Worsa (EUW) 1215660
17th MausClaus (RU) 1205162
18th Alazard (BR) 1180703
19th lIIllIIIIllIIlll (EUW) 1169619
20th Ther3 is no god (EUW) 1167709
21st Dallasmmbr (BR) 1125769
22nd Wreckárim (NA) 1118454
23rd Чайка (JP) 1085912
24th JTBC (OCE) 1076263
25th maciakaja (EUNE) 1063280