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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Lesu (NA) 2776555
2nd 13031761del (KR) 2691699
3rd ConspiracyOne (NA) 2381066
4th True Damage (EUNE) 2180170
5th Messejajs (EUW) 2121265
6th FeN Scyther (EUNE) 2096954
7th Waffle Jr (OCE) 2090306
8th Rencøw (LAS) 2052188
9th The1stKhaZixEune (EUNE) 2006558
10th 희주 노 (KR) 1948602
11th Freudenhaus (EUW) 1902303
12th RakimC (NA) 1866552
13th DL Kharry Zix (TR) 1856369
14th Litemeup (NA) 1718424
15th Toeffin (EUW) 1706310
16th Deadly Kha Zix (TR) 1695191
17th One trick mantis (EUW) 1682824
18th AT231 (KR) 1671798
19th ihateyogurts (NA) 1649176
20th 변화란 (KR) 1580165
21st x FORSAKEN x (NA) 1570449
22nd why talk (NA) 1560267
23rd Feral Khazix (EUNE) 1502158
24th Terrrm (NA) 1468854
25th Darcklos (LAN) 1455649