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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Permaban10002551 (KR) 2691699
2nd Lesu (NA) 2425605
3rd ConspiracyOne (NA) 2381066
4th The1stKhaZixEune (EUNE) 2006558
5th Waffle Jr (OCE) 1898266
6th True Damage (EUNE) 1848754
7th Full Lethality (LAS) 1754099
8th Freudenhaus (EUW) 1727355
9th Toeffin (EUW) 1706310
10th Messejajs (EUW) 1674973
11th Energydrink915 (KR) 1661596
12th FeN Scyther (EUNE) 1622314
13th Litemeup (NA) 1597858
14th One trick mantis (EUW) 1583317
15th 변화란 (KR) 1580165
16th DL Kharry Zix (TR) 1501708
17th rhubarbs (NA) 1479168
18th Deadly Kha Zix (TR) 1449677
19th ihateyogurts (NA) 1428160
20th Darcklos (LAN) 1404493
21st x FORSAKEN x (NA) 1393043
22nd Prèdatór (EUW) 1392249
23rd K H À Z ì X (EUNE) 1380378
24th I3reezy (EUNE) 1352753
25th robdog331 (NA) 1325679