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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Permaban10002551 (KR) 2691699
2nd ConspiracyOne (NA) 2166545
3rd Lesu (NA) 2090603
4th The1stKhaZixEune (EUNE) 1931180
5th True Damage (EUNE) 1719840
6th Toeffin (EUW) 1706310
7th Waffle Jr (OCE) 1686351
8th Energydrink915 (KR) 1617822
9th 변화란 (KR) 1580165
10th Freudenhaus (EUW) 1573898
11th Kha trick (EUW) 1493288
12th Messejajs (EUW) 1438687
13th Gray Fang (LAS) 1434712
14th Litemeup (NA) 1414024
15th Scyther v2 (EUNE) 1364760
16th Angel Predator (EUW) 1354192
17th rhubarbs (NA) 1351247
18th x FORSAKEN x (NA) 1329315
19th KhaZixDoubleJump (EUNE) 1324651
20th Darcklos (LAN) 1308980
21st VeloxMortis (EUNE) 1184268
22nd I3reezy (EUNE) 1168874
23rd D3ATH2 F0rCh1nI3 (NA) 1151666
24th Double Jump Cane (NA) 1151078
25th KhaˉZix (EUW) 1138779