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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Mingo (KR) 4305065
2nd Natis345 (EUW) 3189261
3rd Noxian Might (EUW) 2755438
4th l Kyøgre l (NA) 2544988
5th darkstar692 (EUNE) 2499301
6th HAND OF N0XUS (BR) 2481575
7th YUUKI VK (NA) 2440274
8th II Darius II (TR) 2285741
9th Cj Dârîus (TR) 2219446
10th ach1kooo (EUNE) 2195763
11th 0LegenDarius0 (EUW) 2170747
12th Dormidon (EUW) 2047718
13th bobreak (EUW) 1911924
14th dreadvisage (EUW) 1889982
15th Darius3V (EUW) 1883102
16th bostybv (EUNE) 1880001
17th Minikiituri (EUNE) 1875016
18th Tinkeybell (EUNE) 1873766
19th UWillCry (OCE) 1859340
20th King Darius Only (NA) 1818473
21st Dunk Overdrive (NA) 1804453
22nd 다리 어른 (KR) 1804449
23rd nerf jiren pls (EUW) 1803864
24th nG Tyler1 (EUNE) 1801909
25th HMago De OzH (LAS) 1798029