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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Natis345 (EUW) 3042827
2nd Noxian Might (EUW) 2601829
3rd l Kyøgre l (NA) 2304657
4th II Darius II (TR) 2285741
5th YUUKI VK (NA) 2284960
6th darkstar692 (EUNE) 2194741
7th 0LegenDarius0 (EUW) 2061661
8th Cj Dârîus (TR) 1993820
9th Dormidon (EUW) 1933189
10th HAND OF N0XUS (BR) 1916832
11th 다리 어른 (KR) 1771803
12th ShootMeImBlack (NA) 1762380
13th Minikiituri (EUNE) 1759107
14th Tinkeybell (EUNE) 1751861
15th UWillCry (OCE) 1729841
16th Mr Dunk yo girl (OCE) 1707080
17th Darius3V (EUW) 1686646
18th Noob1111 (EUW) 1680190
19th bostybv (EUNE) 1653041
20th DARlUS (NA) 1637013
21st King Darius Only (NA) 1627968
22nd Dunk Overdrive (NA) 1617833
23rd nG RedMoon (EUNE) 1608716
24th dreadvisage (EUW) 1604924
25th Jean Francois (EUW) 1589222