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Players must be looked up on this site to appear on this list
Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TCHAIVKVOSKY (EUW) 3274374
2nd 제이스숙련도1위 (KR) 2922826
3rd MichaelScofied (NA) 2428978
4th fiapmx (LAN) 2315652
5th Tutorap7or (LAS) 2169701
6th kijerek (EUW) 2092576
7th maldito1r8 (LAN) 2088445
8th kijer (EUNE) 1800044
9th Raynor (EUW) 1683193
10th WaveiDash (NA) 1611790
11th Jayce Syndicate (NA) 1558583
12th 3GIN (EUW) 1550805
13th Run4YaLyfe (NA) 1495685
14th PuruPuruPikoPuyo (NA) 1477866
15th The Playmaker (NA) 1397888
16th Ketheron (EUNE) 1378231
17th Become Water (NA) 1366957
18th HersheyB (NA) 1342154
19th moosy (NA) 1317915
20th M A V R I (EUW) 1276312
21st クアドラキル斎藤 (JP) 1166528
22nd PKB Dovah (EUW) 1151306
23rd Erk (NA) 1150869
24th honeydew milktea (OCE) 1147000
25th PawN KT Rolster (LAS) 1129758