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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st tgzwt (RU) 2463473
2nd GankedBy VlRGINS (OCE) 2342951
3rd JAESEOK ah (KR) 2060207
4th Little Frosty (EUNE) 1907200
5th maist (JP) 1800103
6th SKT Amaterasu (EUW) 1510106
7th OMG Frost (RU) 1443980
8th Boodrum (NA) 1407196
9th KRDŞ NAPIY10 (TR) 1356098
10th WeiRenMinFuWu (NA) 1337968
11th NEZZBIE (NA) 1327129
12th DARK SUMMONER (NA) 1293735
13th blind4d00 (BR) 1281377
14th Freljord Iceborn (NA) 1253367
15th Elsa of Garendel (NA) 1223498
16th sha0khan (EUW) 1143943
17th Hitsugen (NA) 1131889
18th Tchabz (NA) 1086106
19th JavitoVk (EUW) 1084554
20th TrOtSkY (NA) 1073963
21st El Virtuoso (NA) 1043415
22nd LlSANDRA (KR) 1040989
23rd Neuronïc (EUW) 1012657
24th Ogait (BR) 1011280
25th McAwesome125 (EUW) 993101