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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Darqstrom (EUW) 2174943
2nd yuleo (BR) 1875306
3rd fury68 (EUNE) 1694704
4th DrKorn (EUNE) 1683143
5th Ryzeemo (EUNE) 1665475
6th 내가현승이 (KR) 1646785
7th boda adbo (EUW) 1594439
8th Dark Knight Ryze (NA) 1537382
9th Virtual Prophet (NA) 1513674
10th Occelot (LAS) 1489461
11th Syte (NA) 1389832
12th Tregov (EUNE) 1321593
13th Laetitian (EUW) 1282170
14th Lova (BR) 1258815
15th qmk (TR) 1258540
16th weeb Ryze (NA) 1251957
17th Ryze Main (NA) 1164652
18th OIN OIN LE SAMU (EUW) 1161084
19th Cleexy (EUW) 1132079
20th lemon handsome (NA) 1035486
21st NightWalrus (OCE) 1028737
22nd EL RYZE CONGROO (EUW) 1021936
23rd Zaraxxx5 (EUW) 1017187
24th Gfriend Cutie (NA) 1007618
25th basketcase91 (EUNE) 938376