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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st JoeSchmoey (NA) 3236451
2nd EntropyHelix (NA) 2933155
3rd BoneRak (NA) 2888157
4th B5 Diana (NA) 2620972
5th Permaban00140797 (LAN) 2479889
6th tittykai (NA) 2385261
7th khriss79 (EUNE) 2339244
8th Vectra (BR) 2187842
9th FlyingMoonPurse (NA) 2151260
10th Cristell (LAS) 2076657
11th Diana Is Love (EUNE) 2042786
12th 류다이애나 (KR) 2028176
13th Diana Pornstar (BR) 1998901
14th Martina Garcia (NA) 1994694
15th ssilerr (EUNE) 1986075
16th YaYo RaymaN (LAS) 1971789
17th Lunariana (EUW) 1967668
18th 원투쓰리 (KR) 1956546
19th 다 기 (KR) 1929892
20th Sfenkss (TR) 1905020
21st Shuunie (EUW) 1867990
22nd No1 Diana (OCE) 1866783
23rd Cixir (EUNE) 1850217
24th Fofura (BR) 1835911
25th WongAsian (NA) 1826176