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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st BoneRak (NA) 2861740
2nd JoeSchmoey (NA) 2670038
3rd High Boy (NA) 2239579
4th maleCreampie (NA) 2220208
5th joicy (LAN) 2110139
6th 류다이애나 (KR) 2014761
7th Cristell (LAS) 1895584
8th khriss79 (EUNE) 1878240
9th Martina Garcia (NA) 1878103
10th Diana The Broken (BR) 1775839
11th Diana Is Love (EUNE) 1768293
12th Sfenkss (TR) 1653646
13th YaYo RaymaN (LAS) 1644004
14th Mister Priest (EUW) 1580891
15th Dìana (NA) 1568986
16th WongAsian (NA) 1559963
17th IVIoonlight (LAS) 1486006
18th S Diana 2 (NA) 1465560
19th Fofura (BR) 1464627
20th Qriess (TR) 1458831
21st CrazyLoveHawk (EUW) 1411885
22nd Canadiana (NA) 1409421
23rd mortieee (EUW) 1407849
24th Shuunie (EUW) 1407001
25th kaczor89r (EUNE) 1380763