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Players must be looked up on this site to appear on this list
Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st BoneRak (NA) 2888157
2nd JoeSchmoey (NA) 2778826
3rd maleCreampie (NA) 2348349
4th High Boy (NA) 2244312
5th Permaban00140797 (LAN) 2239657
6th khriss79 (EUNE) 2049954
7th Cristell (LAS) 2029943
8th 류다이애나 (KR) 2017816
9th Diana The Broken (BR) 1921514
10th Martina Garcia (NA) 1906083
11th Diana Is Love (EUNE) 1861209
12th YaYo RaymaN (LAS) 1823828
13th Dìana (NA) 1756369
14th Sfenkss (TR) 1671639
15th Mister Priest (EUW) 1615506
16th WongAsian (NA) 1607780
17th Lunariana (EUW) 1582610
18th Fofura (BR) 1559318
19th ssilerr (EUNE) 1556177
20th IVIoonlight (LAS) 1538013
21st Qriess (TR) 1530002
22nd Shuunie (EUW) 1488745
23rd Canadiana (NA) 1474279
24th S Diana 2 (NA) 1466997
25th CrazyLoveHawk (EUW) 1446556